14th National MTB Championship 2017 | DH

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A weekend of two wheeled slush fight, the 14th Indian MTB National Championship 2017, rolled down at the ‘Oxford Golf Resort’ on the outskirts of Pune City. This year, once again ‘Starkenn Giant’ powered the event, pushing the quality of the gig.

An 800mts downhill section, which was part of the XC race too, was the site for the gravity race. For the first time, under CFI (Cycling Federation of India) banner, a Downhill race at the Nationals has been included. A collective effort by veteran downhill riders of Pune and sponsors, at making this a reality! The CFI has been on the back seat, when it comes to Downhill racing or BMX racing. Hopefully the inclusion of a DH race in the MTB Nationals in 2017, could mark the beginning of a high speed future for downhill racing in India.

State of Downhill Racing in India!
Race Officials leading the DH pack to the start line. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon.

Hardtailers were welcomed too, at India’s 1st Downhill Nationals during the 14th National MTB Championship 2017. Rider: Preetham Kumar \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Up coming racer Ruturaj Bhopatkar (Maharashtra) qualified 6th in Seeding \\ Photo: © Kimaya Morye
Amateur racers had a go at the race clock as well \\ Rider: Karthik Gottumukkala \\ Photo: © Vinay Menon
Kerala’s GS Maanav saved up pennys just to make it for India’s 1st DH Nationals in Pune. \\ Photo: © Vinay Menon
Maharashtra’s Sarwarth Sawant keeping his hardtail glued to the slick race course.
Karnataka’s Yashas managed a 9th place in Seeding. \\ Photo: © Kimaya Morye.
Shashank CK from Karnataka, raced to an 8th place in seeding on a borrowed bike! \\ Photo: © Vinay Menon

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New to the scene, Gary Belen from Pune, Maharashtra surprised everyone, grabbing a 4th in Seeding. \\ Photo: © Kimaya Morye
This pretty much sums up Karnataka’s young gun, Rishabh Gowda’s final race run! \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye

Right out of the start section during Finals, Rishabh’s rear tire wouldn’t stay put. After being given a second try at his final run, Rishabh had to pull out of the race again with a popped tire for the second time! Clocking the second fastest time in his seeding run, Gowda will have to wait for 2018 to have a go at the Nationals again.

New kid on the race list, Slade Gomes from Maharashtra, qualified 7th in Seeding. \\ Photo: © Vinay Menon
Riding under the influence of Motocross speeds. Pune’s Slade Gomes clocked the 3rd fastest time of the day in Finals, taking home bronze. #SLADGAMES \\ Photo: © Vinay Menon
Fastest in seeding, Maharashtra’s Gautam Taode is a seasoned racer, struggling with injuries this year. \\ Photo: © Kimaya Morye
Having designed the race course, ‘GT’ found few speed carriers down the 800mts track, landing a 2nd place in Finals. \\ Photo: © Vinay Menon
Enduro rig for the win. On a ‘slip n slide’ style course, Maharashtra’s Piyush Chavan grabbed the top spot on the Podium at India’s 1st National DH Champs. \\ Photo: © Kimaya Morye
Podium light!  CFI Secretary General, Onkar Singh with Starkenn Giant’s Pravin Patil, Slade Gomes (3rd), Gautam Taode (2nd) and Piyush Chavan (Winner)
The Downhill squad. This year’s Nationals was dedicated to our mountain biking family member, Ajay Padval, who passed away this year while riding his mountain bike. He will always be on the trails with us shredding dirt. #AJAYSHREDSFOREVER

Full standing of the Finalists, are yet to come in form the Cycling Federation of India, we will share it as soon as we receive it!

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