14th National MTB Championship 2017 | XC

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Monsoon skies of Pune, Maharashtra, looked over the 14th Indian MTB National Championship 2017, held at the ‘Oxford Golf Resort’ on the outskirts of Pune City. This year again ‘Starkenn Giant’ powered the event, pushing the quality of the track, as well as the race. The 3 day event included Cross Country Mass start and Time trials split into, Men and Women juniors, sub-juniors, youth and Elite.

The track designed by GT Adventures for 2017 included straight wide sprint sections leading to a steep, 800 mts technical descent, a section which most racers found challenging. The downhill section of the course was extremely slippery and rutty due to the weekend showers. The slick tyres and high saddled XC racers had a tough time keeping their speeds up on the descent. Even the Cycling Federation officials felt that the track was challenging for the Indian racers. Mr.Pinaki Bysack of the CFI stated “The downhill section is not for the Indian racers!” But the determined desi riders proved everyone that they can ride any terrain! With a few spills here and there the Cross Country horses on board their wheels put up a strong performance on a lung crunching course.

His first Elite Category Nationals, Shiven from Himachal Pradesh taking a 5th place finish in Time Trials. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Indian Army’s Mukesh Kumar kept things brisk in the 2 Lap Time trials, taking 3rd. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
2016 Time Trials Gold medal winner, Kiran Kumar Raju from Karnataka had to settle for a Silver this year on a slush bonanza course. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Ramesh Ale from the Indian Army team, took home Gold in Time Trials with his powerful riding on a difficult track. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Himachal Pradesh team rider, Sandeep Madaan laughing at the slippery course \\ Photo: Vinay Menon

Women’s Mass start was powered up with every racer trying to take the lead right out of the start line. \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye
Karnataka’s women’s contingent was fast. \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye
Kerala’s Anitha Manoj on her way to a 3rd in “Youth Girls” Category. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon

Elite Men Mass Start race looked fierce. With over a 100 racers from every state of India, it was a strong bout. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Even the best of Cross Country racers struggled on the slippery Oxford Resort course. Devendar Thakur quick on his feet after a spill. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Santosh Tripathy staying glued to the slick soil on his 5th Lap. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Karnataka’s Kiran Kumar Raju repeated his Time trials performance grabbing a 2nd place in Mass Start. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
A slippery course didn’t slow KKR down a bit. Descending onto the podium. Silver medal to the Karnataka churner. \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Leader of the pack, in the first corner. \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye
Photo: Kimaya Morye
Forest attack! \\ Photo: Vinay Menon
Third spot on the podium for Indian Army’s Venkatesvarlu Reddy. \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye
Indian Army makes strong men. Ramesh Ale, on a Winning run. \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye


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