22nd Asian MTB Champs 2016 – Thailand | Practice Day

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The “22nd Asian MTB Championships” is underway in Thailand. After a long struggle finally 4 Indian mountain bikers were given the opportunity to represent the nation at this Asian level event. Riders Piyush Chavan and Nilesh Dhumal are on the Downhill lineup while Purna Pradhan and Venkateshwarlu Kunchala will be competing in the cross country category.

India’s Piyush Chavan and Nilesh Dhumal all stoked for the Asian Champs 2016.
India’s Nilesh Dhumal training in Bengaluru. | Photo: Vinay Menon
Nepal’s bullet – Rajesh Magar training on home trails in Kathmandu. | Photo: Vineet Sharma
The timed Downhill practice run was clocked off yesterday with 28 riders lining up the start list.

As of now, Japan’s stealth bomber – Kazuki Shimzu is leading with a 1:58 on the 1Km course. Our comrades from Nepal including the NCA National DH Champion Rajesh Magar finished the run in 2:37 for a 19th spot, while Shakar Yakhthumba finished the run in 2 min and 53 seconds securing 21st position on the list. Suraj Pandey finished 24th with a 3:23.

Japan’s Kazuki Shimizu the current leader. | Photo: Hiroyuki Nakagawa
Nepal Team 2016 Asian_Photo-Jerich Farr
Nepal’s Elite DH team getting ready for war! | Photo: Jerich Farr

Jerich Farr from Philippines hitting the doubles on his practice run.

Afos Katana from Indonesia blazing through the woods.

India’s Nilesh Dhumal finished the run in 3:15 onto a 23rd, while Piyush Chavan couldn’t complete his run.

The final run of the downhill race is scheduled for tomorrow – 8th May 2016.

This is the fourth time Indian Downhill Mountain Bikers are racing at an Asian level Comp. So far the only riders to represent India since 2013 on the Asian DH circuit are Gautam Taode (Pune), Vinay Menon (Pune), Piyush Chavan (Pune) and Ignatius Chen Chin Fa (Bengaluru) – The “Asia Pacific Downhill Challenge” in Bali, Indonesia. The clan has raced with some big names from all over the world including the World Cup elites like, Troy Brosnan, Wyn Masters, Tracey Hannah, Guillaume Cauvin, Fabien Couisinie and many more.

Gautam Toade from Maharashtra landed a podium in 2014 with a 5th place finish and introduced the Tri color to the Asia Pacific frame.

Gautam Taode making India proud during the ‘Asia Pacific DH Champs’, Bali, Indonesia in 2014. | Photo: Vinay Menon

The Cycling Federation of India ‘CFI’ has been unable to organize any Downhill races due to lack of knowledge about the discipline and unavailability of their desired funds. Thanks to the dedicated event organizing teams that have been conducting downhill races in India for several years, racers have been representing India across the world.

BBCh – Bengaluru, Ka. 
Himalayan Downhill Mountain Bike Trophy – Solang, H.P.
Kohima Downhill – Nagaland. 
Cycl0 BHp Downhill – Meghalaya.
Bangalore MTB Festival – Bengaluru, Ka.

A racing delight is set for tomorrow in Chai Nat, Thailand with our Asian bros going for the kill! Stay tuned to see the Final results.









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