4th Kohima Downhill 2017 | Nagaland, India

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Kohima, Nagaland in north-east India, steamed up again this winter during the Hornbill Festival 2017. Around the same time, Native Station organizes their mountain biking celebration – Kohima Downhill. Successfully entering it’s 4th year of action, the Kohima Downhill saw expert downhill racers from India, Nepal and UK. A new track and fresh dirt made it a delight for all the racers in attendance.

Pre-race jitters? Not really, when it’s Kohima DH! Excited racers lining up for the shuttle van.

This year the mountain biking community lost a brother, Ajay Padval. An inspiration to many young riders, Ajay passed away earlier in July this year. The 4th Kohima Downhill race was dedicated to our fallen brother.


Psynyde Bikes, Winter made, Fat Fryday and the entire Native Station crew teamed up to power up the 4th Psynyde Bikes Kohima Downhill 2017.

Shuttle truck getting packed!
The Native Station crew has been working hard on successfully pulling the Kohima Downhill race every year.
Practice session

Hardtailers were in full force at the 4th edition of the Kohima DH.
Nepal’s Prachit Thapa landed a 3rd in his final run.
Suman Tamang from Nepal, clocked the fastest time of the day, earning the top spot at 4th Psynyde Bikes Kohima Downhill 2017
Work of art! The medals for the Winners.


Winner – Suman Tamang – S.T. (Kathmandu, Nepal)
2nd – Apshai Griffith Niangti (Shillong, Meghalaya, India)
3rd – Prachit Thapa (Kathmandu, Nepal)
4th – Gautam Taode (Pune, Maharashtra, India)
5th – Ollie Hemstock (New Castle, United Kingdom)

Best Local Rider – Seyieo Sekhose (Kohima)

Winners of the 4th Psynyde Bikes Kohima DH 2017
The Native Station team has been organizing mountain bike comps and promoting cycling in Nagaland for a few years. With limited to no financial support from major organisations, Native Station is still standing strong for mountain biking in the region!
Best Local RiderSeyieo Sekhose with his spanking new, custom colorway Psynyde Bikes FURAN frame.

Shout outs:  Lhouvizosier Mezhur Sekhose, Kekhrie Mezhur Sekhose, Chan Kikon, Dr. Ruovinuo Thenuo, Seyie Auto. The people of Viswema for warmly welcoming Kohima Downhill to their absolutely serene village!

Photo: Kelen MekroNzan Odyuo, Lunili Awomi


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