5 Bike brands that should be launched in India

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India has constant increasing number of serious riders who are now investing and who are willing to invest their hard-earned money in high quality bikes (better known as premium bikes here) and components to enhance their riding experience. Similarly, the rising number of mountain bike races which also includes Downhill Mountain Bike racing is spreading like a wild fire across the country.

Unfortunately, majority of existing and well-known bike brands in India are not ready to launch their full line-up (Trail bikes, Enduro Mountain Bikes, Downhill Mountain Bikes, Dirt Jumpers etc) which is keeping the serious riding community thirsty. Most of these riders end up bringing mountain bikes from Nepal which is a very big mountain bike market compared to India, and most of them are forced to order bikes directly from US and Europe which attracts high amount of shipping and custom duty.

We think it’s about time for the  below mentioned bike brands (including the existing brands) to step in the Indian market and change the standards here. With options like EMI / finance these bikes can be made easily accessible to the serious riders.

1: Identiti

Identiti, a British brand that was founded from the back of a local bike shop in 1998. Their bike range has expanded with different riding tastes, from riding dirt jumps in summer, to pinning a 4x track, to just hitting the hills on all mountain bike or cranking out miles on the road.

Dr. Jekyll is the most exciting range suited well for the Indian riders who are regularly taking part in pump track challenges to hitting urban areas.

WEBISTE: www.identitibikes.com

2: DMR Bikes

Another quality bicycle company from the UK, DMR Bikes have got some best and reliable Mountain Bikes and Dirt Jump bikes. The company also make some high-quality pedals and other bombproof components including frames that are much required in India.

Building your own dream bike like Sled with your favorite components is possible with DMR frames which are well known to take abuse in any condition.

WEBSITE: www.dmrbikes.com

3: Nukeproof

This company started back in 90’s and has a great history that started from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Nuke Proof Industries was pioneering in its design with the use of exotic materials such as titanium and carbon fibre. They were best known for their famous carbon/aluminium hubs.

Now designed and developed in Belfast Northern Ireland, Nukeproof products are sold through select independent bike dealers around the world. The brand has some great athletes like Sam Hill and the bikes are equally dope.

Since Enduro Mountain Biking is catching up in India, Nukeproof bikes will be a great investment for serious athletes.

WEBISTE: www.nukeproof.com

4: Devinci

From Road to mountain to electric bikes, Devinci bikes are one of the finest bikes you can buy on this planet that are “Hand Made in Canada”. In addition to a full line of road, mountain and hybrid bicycles, Devinci also manufactures the BIXI-brand of bicycle used in bicycle sharing schemes in cities such as Montreal and Toronto.

Apart from bringing their mountain bikes and road bikes, Devinci can play a very important role in India by starting bicycle sharing schemes which are being adopted by metro cities here.

Don’t forget to drool on their Spartan Carbon 29!

WEBSITE: www.devinci.com

5: Yeti

Founded in 1985, this brand needs no introduction. Yeti makes some of the most orgasmic bikes in the industry. Legends like John Tomac, Missy Giove, Jimmy Deaton have excelled in their riding career with Yeti Bikes.

From beautiful trail bikes to high tech enduro bikes, Yeti has got that style and passion which will make you fall in love with their products.

Yeti will definitely be on the higher side budget and is a must have bike for riders looking for the ultimate race machine which will never let you down.

WEBSITE: www.yeticycles.com

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