5 fire-fuelling tips to get the most out of the MTB riding season

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Our top five tips to get you out on your bike and riding faster and better than ever over the coming months.

Here’s our guide to the top five things to give your riding mojo a kickstart.

1. Buy a new bike

OK, so it’s a drastic first measure but the simple fact of the matter is that nothing makes you want to go riding like having a new bike. Granted, it’s an expensive move, but new season, new bike – it makes sense, doesn’t it?

Aside from actually dropping into your favourite trail aboard a new set of wheels for the very first time, you can exact so much enjoyment from everything that builds to it. The hours spent browsing websites, magazines and web reviews are times of stress-free total immersion, it’s one of the nicest problems to have.

2. Enter a race (or at least watch one)

Mountain bike racing used to only exist, crammed in like a dirty secret, on the back pages of mountain bike magazines. Now, however, it’s booming and is watched by millions of people every year. 
With the rise of enduro, more people already have the hardware in their shed or garage which will enable them to strap on a number board and have a go themselves. Racing isn’t like riding; it’s a completely different mindset and warrants a change of approach that, as a mountain biker, you’ll learn a lot from.

3. Plan a trip

Break free of the every ride norm and go somewhere new with your bike and riding buddies. Flights are cheap(er) these days and taking your bike with you is no longer a huge additional cost. 
Likewise, modern bike bags make travelling with it a fairly painless experience. Not only will you ride your brains out for a week or two, but you’ll also get to experience new places and all that that involves. Mainly though, as we all know, it’ll be about the riding.
If that sounds like a bit of stretch in terms of time or money (especially if you’ve dived right in and just bought a new bike as point one suggested) is to simply pack a couple of mates and their bikes into a van and head for a (reasonably) far flung riding location. Get on to the booking sites, scare up a bunk house and just get on with enjoying the road life.

4. Try something new

Mountain biking is a complex business full of intrigue and sub-plots. What’s ‘just going riding’ to you may well be a totally new experience to your two-wheeled next door neighbour.

Have a think about an aspect of the sport that you haven’t tried before, then get it organised. If worst comes to worst and you hate it – the flip side of that is a renewed appreciation for what it is that you do. Book an uplift day, organise to demo an e-bike, plan a 45km XC epic… Whatever it is, just change things up a bit.

5. Get a coach

Mountain biking was, for a long time, a long way behind a lot of others in terms of its attitude towards coaching and tuition. In sports like soccer or golf, the idea of a decent player coming through the ranks completely self-taught is laughable, but yet somehow it always just seemed like a weird thing to get someone other than your mates’ opinions on how you were riding your bike. 
But even a day with a coach could offer the tiniest of tips or changes, which might make a huge difference to your riding.

Written by: Ric McLaughlin

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