A Holiday Gift from Ryan Leech

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Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Ryan Leech Connection (RLC) has you on their Christmas list. For the third year, RLC is offering a free course for everyone just in time for the holidays.

Take part in the Trailhead Tip Traps course – no purchase necessary!

Have you ever received tips from a friend at the start of a trail? Maybe you’ve given some advice yourself? As well-intentioned as that help may be, it could be a trap! Trials legend and internationally renowned online MTB coach, Ryan Leech and his coaching team have transformed seven of the most common tip traps into formulas for improvement.

o   TTT #1 – Just Do What I Do

o   TTT #2 – Get Your Weight Back on Steeps

o   TTT #3 – Look Up and Further Ahead

o   TTT #4 – Drop Your Outside Foot in Corners

o   TTT #5 – Ride in Attack Position

o   TTT #6 – A New Bike Makes You a Better Rider

o   TTT #7 – If You’re Not Crashing, You’re Not Learning

This course is not intended to be mere entertainment, but to challenge the concepts that may be holding you back as a rider. Unlike RLC’s other courses (which have detailed step-by-step drills for learning specific skills), this course is designed to free your mind from limiting concepts and beliefs.

RLC is an online mountain bike skill coaching membership program that was created by professional rider and coach, Ryan Leech. The online community consists of skilled enthusiasts from all over the world and provides a supportive and friendly environment for learning. Each course is delivered through detailed, step-by-step video tutorials and accompanied by coaching and feedback to continue your progression. With a multitude of courses available that encompass everything from mental and physical fitness to skills challenges, you can finally learn how to wheelie or jump or nose pivot – the list goes on.

Don’t wait to improve your riding, CLICK HERE and start learning today with this free course!

About Ryan

Ryan Leech has been coaching mountain biking since he was sixteen and is also a yoga instructor and Master Coach™. Over the last two decades, he has performed thousands of stunt shows around the world; including a performance with Cirque du Soleil. Sponsored by Norco and Shimano, he has appeared in numerous riding films, including Crux and the Kranked series and his film, Manifesto, is credited with redefining the sport of trials riding worldwide.


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