Abhijeet Singh | Rider Interview

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Name: Abhijeet Kumar Singh
Age: 23
Home Town: Patna
Years Riding: 6
Current Bike: Commencal Ramones cr

Competitions/Contests Entered:


Mtb Grand Prix 2017  – 4th

Mtb Online Stunt Championship  – 10th

Mtb Online Championship  India  – 4th

Mtb National 2016 Kerala

Mtb  National 2015 Giant Starkenn Championship

Surfin on wheels!

FRMTB: How did Bicycle stunt/freestyle start for you?
A : When I was in the 10th grade in school, I started riding. My dad gifted me a cell phone and I started watching videos on YouTube. I was surprised to see the stunts. I remember on my 17th birthday in 2012, I decided to start riding bikes instead of playing basketball! That’s the beginning of my MTB Freestyle Stunt Riding Journey.

FRMTB: Unlike mountain bike racing, dirt jumping, trials or freeride, “Stunt/Freestyle” discipline is quite different with its roots in Street Bike Freestyle, what are the kind of tricks you do?
A : I always try to find new possibilities, new tricks. I prefer making my own tricks. I am inspired by StreetBike freestyle  and trials riding!

FRMTB: Recently you were invited to Poland for the “Bicycle Stunt World Championships 2017” how was the experience?
A : I was living my dream! It’s one of the biggest points of my life. I’ve worked very hard to achieve my dream of competing internationally. It wasn’t easy for me to push myself from 10th position to 4th Position. It’s a life changing experience, it has changed my way of thinking. At the championships, it wasn’t easy for the first time to ride in-front of the top judges of the world. I am even more motivated now!

FRMTB: What is brewing for the next season?
A: I’ve been thinking of something special for the next championship.  I plan for strong training sessions with my friends. Most probably  I’ll be travelling to a few states for training with more Indian riders, once I can arrange some funds. Make more videos with my friends from India, Nepal and Poland.

FRMTB: Along with performing tricks in an urban landscape, do you follow downhill, freeride, dirt jumping and practice mountain biking in the hills?
A: I want to backflip my bike! That’s one of my biggest dreams, hopefully one day  I will. I’m always  looking for 5 to 6 feet drops near my practice areas along with downhill trails too.

FRMTB: Where do you see yourself in the sport, 10 years from now?
A: To be honest  I’m uncertain about my future in this sport! I am 100% focused on my riding, my diet, my time for MTB Stunt Freestyle, but I don’t know what the future holds for me. Probably I’m going to set new standards in my sport! If I get some sponsors to support me, may be that’d help!

FRMTB: Any shout outs?
A: Thanks to my parents! For me, my  parents are everything. I am riding only because of them!

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