Assam Downhill Championship 2019 – Assam, India

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Guwahati’s Spokehub cycling organized the second ASSAM DOWNHILL CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 in the heart of Guwahati city in north-east India earlier this October. The “Monkey Temple Trail” saw over fifty five competitors lining up on the start arc for the Assam Downhill Championshoip 2.0.

A 1km long course included wooden sections, berms, a few kickers and a big drop named ‘the nut cracker‘. ADC 2019 saw one of the highest numbers of participants compared to any other DH race in India.

Shillong’s Apshai Niangti pulled a 3rd place in the Full Suspension category. \\ Photo: Bishal Saikia
India’s favorite downhill racer, Gautam Taode from Pune, Maharashtra had to settle with a 2nd place in the Full Suspension category. \\ Photo: Bishal Saikia
Ismamul Howk from Guwahati, Assam took home the winner’s cheque.

Winners – Full suspension category:
1st- Ismamul Howk (Assam)
2nd – Gautam Thode (Maharashtra)
3rd- Apshai G. Niangti (Meghalaya)

Full Suspension category winners.
Young gun, Neeraj Bora form Assam on his winning run in the Hardtail category.

Winners – Hardtail category:
1st- Neeraj Bora(Assam)
2nd- Nicholas Syrti (Meghalaya)
3rd- Shalo Kent( Nagaland)

Hardtail category winners
Atoba Longkumer from Nagaland – Fastest Master winner.

Neeraj Bora was awarded as the fastest under 18 and Atoba Longkumer( Nagaland) was awarded the fastest master. Along with the winners of the ADC2.0, Apshai G Niangti from Meghalaya was awarded, the Northeast Downhill rider of the year 2018-2019 trophy for participating and winning the downhill races in the last season.


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