B-Twin SG800/SG800

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BTwin SG800/SG800 Optic

By: Vaibhav Nijhowne | Photos: Vineet Sharma

Also featured in Issue#7 | Jan 2012



It’s good that Decathlon are bringing in more and more cycling products from their stable into the country. The latest thing we’ve got our hands on are their range of sunglasses with interchangeable lenses. These are specifically designed for cyclists and the ergonomics go to show. They are lightweight and comfortable and they do rest high up on your nose and hence stay in your line of vision even if your head is inclined downwards when you’re riding in an aggressive stance. We have tested 2 models on a long term basis – the SG 800 and the SG 800 Optic. Both these cool shades have 4 different tones of interchangeable lenses:
clear (rain), yellow (cloudy), brown (mixed) and grey (sunny).


So you can choose which lens suits the weather, click in, and ride out. Added to that, the lenses are polycarbonate (which makes them shatterproof) and claim 100% UV protection!

The design of both pairs is very similar. The major difference being that the Optic model comes with an interesting add-on frame for prescription glasses that snugly fits behind the shades! Rejoice my bespectacled bikers!


The Optic has 2 separate lenses for left and right while the Basic model has a single piece lens. This does make it slightly cumbersome to change, whereas the Optic is easier to change one lens at a time. On the other hand, the prescription lens can end up being too close to your eyes and brushes with your lashes. But you can easily adjust the rubber nose bridge to increase the distance of the frame from your nose. This is a good feature that both the models have, in terms of comfort and adjustability.
The one thing we could have done without is the humungous case that these shades come in. It’s a bit too bulky for my liking and after all, we’re riding bikes, not cars, so smaller is better!

The price tag these retail at is rather attractive though – with the SG 800 retailing for 1599 Rs and the SG 800 Optic for 1799 Rs. Given the fit, finish and versatility of these shades, I’d say they are money well spent!


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