Bangalore Bicycle Championships 2019 – MTB Downhill

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By: Vinay Menon

The 8th edition of India’s oldest Downhill race – BBCh MTB Downhill clicked out on the Nandi Hills trail in Bengaluru, Karnataka earlier this June. Nearly 30 Riders from Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka lined up to race the 600mts course. Hardtails and Full Suss racers had their separate categories. No expert, beginner or elite categories this year. Racers had to give it their best to make it to the top three.

The long hike up to the start.
Hardtail shredder from Hyderabad, Pradyumna Rajashekar clocked the third fastest time in the hardtail cateogry.
Bengaluru’s zestiest hardtail wheeler, Shashank CK managed to take the 2nd spot on the podium.
Moving to hardtail from a downhill bike, local ripper, Yashas C Shekar clocked the fastest time in hardtail category, taking the win for the weekend.
The wheel tribe.
The youngest kid on course, 14 year old Sidharth Ramasubbu is a new face in the Bengaluru downhill scene. Not bad for his first race in town, a 3rd place finish in Full Suspension Category.
Pune, Maharashtra’s young lad, Abhijeet Gharad recently got onto a big bike. More of a jump hungry rider, Abhijeet managed to land a 2nd place finish in the full suss category.
India’s DH podium regular, from Pune, Maharashtra the multi time BBCh Champion, Gautam Taode cruised to the finish line with the winning time.

The young boys are stepping up onto the BBCh podiums now. 14 and 17 year olds were clocking faster timings this year at the BBCh Downhill. With very few old faces and many new riders lining up at this year’s race, it would be interesting to see the names popping up at the oldest downhill race of India in 2020.

Fastest Hardtail racers of the day! An all Bengaluru Podium with Pradyumna Rajashekar (3rd), Yashas C Shekar (Winner) and Shashankh ck (2nd).
New kid, Sidharth Ramasubbu (3rd) sharing the Full Suss podium with Gautam Taode (Winner) and Pune’s Abhijeet Gharad (2nd).

Along with slick BBCh medals, the winners went home with goodies from Loose Riders Indiafor their high speed show!




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