Bangalore Mountain Festival 2016

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An event emerging from Karnataka, the “Bangalore Mountain Festival 2016” included Downhill and Cross Country mountain biking along with trail running. Set in one of Bengaluru’s picturesque locations 60kms from the city, the rocky mountain scape was packed with some of India’s fastest Downhill and XC racers speeding for the honors.

Downhill brigade on the Start Boulder.
Errol maneuvering over the rocky section on a 5″ travel rig.
The table half way down the course added to some good moments for the spectators.

The one kilometer long DH course scattered with rocks and loose dirt kept things interesting for the spectators and racers alike. With the hill’s joyous gradient, speed was complimentary over the rockiest sections. With a small pedally bit leading to the photog’s favorite jump, the race course was a result of two months of digging and fixing! A good display of skills and spills, the Downhill race at ‘Bangalore Mountain Festival 2016’ was all about good times and fun vibes.

Even the Amateurs clocked quick timings on short travel bikes.
Hardtailers were not dithered by the rocky course and dirt hits.
Ignatius Chen from Bengaluru speeding to a 6th place finish.
Nilesh Dhumal from Bengaluru flying off the mid section of the course. A crash in the Final run landed him a 5th spot.
Pune’s Piyush Chavan clocked the fastest time in seeding but a crash in Finals pushed him to 4th.
Our Deputy Editor, Vinay Menon blazed through the rocky bit and landed onto 3rd.
Ajay Padval, our Trail Correspondent grabbed the 2nd fastest time in Finals.
Pune’s Adwait Parchure surprised everyone with his full throttle riding style.
Parchure boosted onto the top spot of the podium with a timing of – 1.45.03.
Pune powered podium! Vinay Menon (3rd), Adwait Parchure (1st) and Ajay Padval (2nd)



DH ‘Mens Open’
1. Adwaith Parchure
2. Ajay Padval
3. Vinay Menon

DH ‘Juniors’
1. Rishab Gowda
2. Errol

Specialized India’s Vivek Radhakrishnan was stoked to race the XC rounds.

The Cross Country race saw Bengaluru’s mountain dwellers along with tarmac breathers. Through the woods over dry soil, the 30Km XC course was a delight for the racers looking for a strong mountain bike XC race in India! A mix of weekend blazers to Pro racers, the ‘BMF2016’ XC race was a calorie burning ride ending with wide smiles.

The XC line up.



XC Chase
Bengaluru’s Kiran Kumar Raju caught up to his competitors and grabbed the Win.





MTB XC ‘Mens Open’

1. Kiran Kumar Raju
2. Craig Raynes
3. Ronny

MTB XC ‘Juniors’

1. Tejesvi
2. Rishab Gowda

Going Bananas!
Going Bananas!
Bike Rack on Bike
Light Pillion!

Apart from wheels, the ‘Bangalore Mountain Festival 2016’ included trail running. With a mellow morning temperature, a 10Km run through the Cross Country trail pulled Girish Tiwari as the winner in Mens Category and Jyoti in Womens Category.

Trail Run start line.





























Trail running – Men

1. Girish Chandra Tiwari
2. Mohd. Salman Khan
3. Yakeel Yadav

Trail Running – Women
1. Jyoti

Bangalore Mountain Festival 2016 was sponsored by: Ajmal Properties in association with Haul Apparel India.

Supported by: Sigma, Merida, Lumos, Frogo, Freerider MTB Magazine and ZAGO.

Photos: Team Veloscope, Venkateswara Rao Navanasi, Dhanush Shankar, Utkarsh Rao, Ha Jo.

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