Bangalore Mountain Festival 2017 | Downhill

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Photo: Utkarsh Rao, Veloscope, Shekhar Agarwal.

Karnataka’s heart, Bengaluru city always stands out for its vibrant specs. Not a surprise, one of the raddest mountain bike events of India rolls here! Come winter and the Bangalore Mountain Festival 2017 beeped up on the “Must attend” chart for top mountain bikers from India and Nepal. A three wing event, BMF 2.0 2017 included Trail Running, Cross Country Mountain Biking and the most anticipated – Downhill Mountain Biking.

Rock slabs everywhere
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (12)
The long walk uphill.
Riders wearing their climbing shoes.
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (10)
Race plate time

Located on the outskirts of Bengaluru town, Avathi Hills blew up with the elite Downhillers of the country. Joining the lineup this year were Nepal’s National Champs, Rajesh Magar, Suman Tamang along with Spundon Lama. With a varied crew of competitors, the BMF 2017 changed the game for many!

BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (7)
Isuzu Motors India provided the shuttle truck!
Warm up runs began three days before the race day. Racers wanted to perfect all their sneaky lines!

On the rocks and down the boulders, the Avathi Hills course for 2017 was full of surprises. Ladder bridges, doubles and blind drops added to the fun. The 1200 Meters track was unlike any other DH race course in India or Nepal.

BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (15)
Indian Railways Commercial
Rishabh Gowda is a local ripper from Bengaluru. At home on Avathi Hills.
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Hardtail (4)
Prateek Singh from Kolkata went Cross down the Hill Country in hardtail category! #thetrailnextdoor
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Hardtail (1)
Gregory Allya Warjri from Shillong, Meghalaya got an invite at the BMF 2017 along with a brand new bike from Psynyde Bikes.

Shillong local, Gregory Allya Warjri won a contest by Psynyde Bikes where he won himself a brand new AM hardtail along with an entry at the BMF 2.0 2017. Not wasting time getting used to the new ride, Greg rocketed off the boulders and drops like a ripper he is!

Thimmayya Swami temple drop was the highlight of the course. Greg styled it every run!
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Hardtail (3)
From an FS to a hardtail, local speedster Shashank CK keeps the wheels grounded. Staying off the brakes here on the ridge section.
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Hardtail (2)
After Racing XC on Saturday, Umesh raced the DH rounds the next morning! On the same bike! He cracked the second fastest time of the day in the Hardtail Category.
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (3)
Home boy Pranit Hemant clocked the fastest timing in the Hardtail Category.
Girl power! Anissa Lamare from Shillong, Meghalaya.

18 year old Anissa Lamare traveled all the way from Shillong, Meghalaya to compete at the BMF 2017. The only female downhill racer at the event Anissa is a serious competitor. Racing in the Men’s Category, no fuss, no talk, #thisgirl surprised everyone with her strong riding style.

Ride like #thisgirl
New kids on the block! Aryan Patil, Errol, Ruturaj Bhopatkar are all under 19 years old. Right place at the right time for these young guns.
Bangalore Mountain Festival 2017_Spun_HaulApparelNepal
Spundon “Spun” Lama from Nepal is a pro at many things. Music, organizing events, riding and partying! Feeling at home at the BMF 2.0 2017.
Bangalore Mountain Festival 2017_Spun_HaulApparelNepal_
Spun spinning the good times on a rocky course.
Ajay Aren, Yashas Shekar and Varun Das stepped up their game this year at the BMF 2.0
One of Nepal’s fastest DH/Enduro racers Suman Tamang is packed with style. Race podium or not, Suman definitely wins for style everytime!
With a flat in the Final Run, Suman, the current “Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival” DH Champion got a DNF and stayed off the top spot.
Flying low, Gautam “GeeTee” Taode from Pune.
Keeping the wheels down off the Thimmayya Swami temple drop.

Gautam has won on the Avathi Hills course before. But the BMF 2.0 2017 didn’t go very well for the king of mountain parties. Going off course on the top half of the hill cost him heavy seconds. Missing out on the top 5 spots this time.

Treading lines through the rocky course was a challenge for most riders. Gautam Taode sticking to his line in practice. The Finals was a different story.
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (5)
Green metal thru dry rock slabs. Piyush Chavan from Pune on his final run.

Pune’s Piyush Chavan is a podium regular at DH races in India. One of India’s fastest Downhill racers, Piyush faced a technical issue with his bike giving him a Final run time to land a 5th spot.

BMF 2.0 2017 5th place finish for Piyush “P-ush” Chavan. #indianshredder
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (4)
Rugved Thite from Pune rolling in… fast!

Pune’s newest gang of downhill racers includes Rugved Thite. A new name on the race circuit in India, Rugved clocked the 4th fastest timing of the day. Surprising many!

New kid on the block – Rugved Thite sticking to his lines and landing a 4th place finish.
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (1)
Ajay Padval airing off the Thimmayya Swami temple drop.

May it be an XC race, Enduro or Downhill Pune’s Ajay Padval chases podiums. Not to be left off at the BMF 2.0 2017, Padval managed a striking race run landing a 3rd spot on the podium.

The fish bone ladder bridges of Bangalore Mountain Festival are a crowd favorite. So is the 3rd place finisher stunt pilot, Ajay Padval from Pune.
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (2)
Kerala’s Harith Noah knows a thing or two about line choices. The fastest through the rock garden.

Indian National MX Champ Harith Noah took to DH racing a year ago. With his moto skills and booster speed, Harith clocked the 2nd fastest time of the day.


DH style, MX speed. #fromthrottletopedals
The “Nepali Bullet” Rajesh Magar races to win! A beast on the bike, RJ blazing through the 1200mts course.

When Nepal’s National DH Champion Rajesh Magar races, he pounds the course! With no errors or extra crank ins, the winning run was 1:31:51. The naturally skilled racer, RJ clocked the fastest run of the weekend making him the BMF 2.0 2017 Downhill Champion.

BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (6)
Style for miles, RJ knows how to win races with style!
bangalore mountain festival 2.0 2017 podium_champagne_freeridermtbmagazineindia
Champagne time on the BMF 2.0 2017 DH Podium.
BangaloreMountainFestival2017_Freeridermountainbikemagazineindia (8)
The Bangalore Mountain Festival 2.0 2017 Downhill Champion – Rajesh “RJ” Magar from Nepal.

1. Rajesh Magar (Kathmandu, Nepal) – 1:31.51
2. Harith Noah (Kerala, India) – 1:33.17
3. Ajay Padwal (Maharashtra, India) – 1:44.72
4. Rugved Thite (Maharashtra, India) – 1:45.85
5. Piyush Chavan (Maharashtra, India) – 1:47.37

The Bangalore Mountain Festival 2.0 2017 was sponsored by Discovery Village.
In association with, Isuzu Motors India, Polygon Bikes India, Veloscope, Karnataka Tourism, Sigma India, Psynyde Bikes.

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