Bikes that won Congressional Medal of Ugly

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We love and respect bicycles in general. We appreciate the hard work executed by the design and R-n-D team  to create this simple machine. However there are few bicycles available in market for all the wrong reasons. These bikes also deserve the “Congressional Medal of Ugly”.

Here are top 5 ugly bikes in our list:


Many hate them, Many love them. E-mountain bikes are one of the hottest product in the market today. However this one starts our list of ugly. We are not sure if the manufacturer wants the rider to sit comfortably or not. Oh! Never mind the typo “Rich Bit” ch when you zoom across the street… or trail if possible.


Are you the one who wants to claim your health insurance without hassle? Then you must try this mountain bike which will give you guaranteed back problems and destroy your body posture in no time. The doctors will be clueless on how your posture got deformed. Did we mention this one is a carbon frame?


Skinny fork combined with weird frame and fat tyres. We bet this heavy as hell tank will be useful to build some hardcore muscles… by lifting the bike and not by riding. We are still clueless with the saddle position pointed up. Probably they want you to feel the fat-tyres up your rump?


This is what you get when you order wrong tubes for building the frame. Or the designer was being over-creative? BTW, this is a steel frame and we are out of words to describe it further. This could have been on our #1 list, but the following bike is the alternative meaning for Horror.


Eeks! Gawwddd!! We apologize if your eyes are bleeding right now. This one is straight from hell as the pointy bar-ends facing up are the symbol of Satan. Only the best can hold them while the audience enjoys the horrible paint combination and wonder when and how one’s manhood will be questioned with that evil clamp that holds the entire bike.


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