BMX| Why we Ride – 2

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We asked some of the top young BMX stars of India about what motivates them and how BMX has given them an identity, check out what they had to say.

Papias doing his version of a bench press in the park.

Papias D’souza

Age – 25

Location: Mumbai

Style: BMX Street.

Papias levitating.

I Feel BMX is the lifestyle, it is not dangerous sports until you push it to the limit

I ride for Fun it’s my hobby, there are no rules you can ride how you want you can wear whatever you want you can create you own tricks ride in your own style  BMX is much more freeing, it really gives you a sense of freedom when you’re moving fast down the street and  jumping with a bike of 8kg weight straight up flying high in the air.

My Team Shaprtune, we motivate each other I don’t expect any thing return

I love riding BMX, I ride with my friends on weekends

Shubham Negi is one of the leading 20″ stylers from Chandigarh.

Shubham Negi

Age: 20

Location: Chandigarh

Style: BMX Street.

Shubham Negi cruising the streets of Chandigarh. \\ Photo: Kabir Dhillon

My name is Shubham Negi i am 20 years old I am living Chandigarh I am a Bmx freestyle rider, when I ride my bike I think I am in a different world this thing makes me high. Bmx is a part of my life I keep it in my living room so its easy to watch it everyday. When I am on my bike i become a different personality, people watch and they give a shocking reaction that thing makes me feel special and unique. I am motivated from the BSD family they have done what I didn’t deserve they have helped me with the parts and this thing makes me motivated in my entire life. In return I get peace, which is the most important thing in our life.

Flatland stylist, Abhishek Soni spinning wheels instead of a basketball!

Abhishek Soni

Age: 19

Location: Chandigarh

Style: BMX Flatland.

Sun down lights on. The wheels keep rolling for Chandigarh’s Abhishek Soni.

My Name is Abhishek Soni and am from Chandigarh,I ndia. I am 19 years old. I ride Bmx flatland. I’m riding Bmx since 2010. From the beginning I was interested in extreme sports. I’ve always been passionate about Bmx. Its just not only a sport for me its a lifestyle for me to living a good life & feel free. Bmx is super fun for me and the most creative sport. It’s an art for me. Bmx plays the main role on my life. Without riding Bmx life is just wasted for me. I ride Bmx for myself. I have a dream to be a professional Bmx rider and want to travel the world with my bike. I want to ride with the riders all around the world. I watch Bmx videos all the time to keep myself motivated.

Ride all day. Soni, sessioning at his daily spot.

When I see others riders progressing & see Bmx riders are growing day by day here in India it also motivated me a lot for progressing in my riding. Am always motivated before going for the riding session. When I progress and learn a new trick, its just priceless. BMX makes me feel special. Its a stress buster. What I get in return from BMX riding? Happiness!

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