BN’B Genesis bike rack

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Many of us prefer transporting bike in our cars or public transport to an event or any place instead of riding. Disassembling the bike, wheels etc.  And assembling it again could a pain for many. So the best way to transport or carry your bike is on the bike rack.


We sourced BN’B Genesis bike rack on which we loaded, unloaded our bike many times, cruised long distance, drove dirt roads and crossed other obstacles that are commonly found in the Indian traffic.

We have seen couple of bike racks in the Indian market out of which some of them are super expensive while others are of extremely poor quality. However BN’B Genesis just sits perfectly in between.

BN’B has been in the business for a while and manufacture good quality racks for kayaking, canoeing, skiing, fishing, and camping.


BN’B Genesis bike rack can be mounted on a sedan or hatchback. It can also be mounted on a SUV without the spare wheel hanging on the back.

Great quality and strong build is visible as soon as you pull out Genesis out the box. Built with high strength steel and reinforced plastics this rack weighs 5.6 Kgs on our scale and can accommodate 3 bikes.



Genesis is a foldable design that is loaded with thick protective foam pads which ensures no scratches appear on your car. The rubber coated bike holder is well designed and the stretchable strap to secure the bike works perfectly.


The rubber straps could have been integrated with the bike holder as they are not very easy to hook initially. These straps are also difficult to lock and release.

BN’B Genesis can handle total weight of 45Kgs and requires no tool for mounting. It takes less than 3 minutes to mount it on the car without much efforts.


The reflective ends are great but we are still not sure if they can hold on for a long time.



The adjustable hinges are strong and work without any issues.


The straps provided with BN’B Genesis are strong and can compete with other brand bike racks which might cost twice. The hooks are rubber coated and grips flawlessly. A red adjustable safety strap is also provided with the rack which can secure the bikes to your satisfaction.

The bikes are held high and the number plate visibility is not compromised.

There was not much movement in the overall adjustments after driving around and the bike reached from point A to point B safely without any damages. However, if you are carrying 2 or 3 bikes, then you might need to put some padding between the bikes to prevent damage.


The overall design and functioning of BN’B Genesis bike rack is good and does the intended job well. The rubber strap to secure the bike can be bit irritating sometimes as they are not easy to lock and unlock. But the build quality makes us forget the irritating part and so does the price.

BN’B Genesis can be bought from Darshan Bicycle Store (Chandigarh) for INR 6000 only. It is definitely a great deal which is not heavy on the pockets.


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