Boodun winter riding gloves

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Winters are fading away, and we were busy checking Boodun winter riding gloves in the snow season of Manali.

It is rare that you will find best quality in cheaper price by these unknown brands from China. “Sasta aur Best” as what many of us expect and these gloves matches the description.


Boodun winter gloves are well constructed with long collar and will keep your hands warm without any doubt. The double layered design is simple and the inner fleece glove is the main source that will keep your hand warm on the super cold days. The upper layer is water resistant for a small period and features silicone screen print on fingers and thumb. These prints were not too helpful in typing on a touch screen phone mainly because of the bulky size but they won’t let anything slip. The palm area has extra padded layer which provides decent grip while riding.



The upper material has proved to be a fair performer and the inner fleece glove has exceeded our expectations after using these gloves regularly for a month in snow and bit of rain. In the end Boodun winter riding gloves will do the job they are intended for and are fairly priced at INR 1500 only.

Definitely a good investment for the next season.


These gloves are available at Himalayan Bike Bar with other 3 color options: Grey, Black and Fluorescent green. You just have to ignore the typos on the label and the almost no info website of the manufacturer.


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