Claudio Caluori on India’s first Asphalt Pumptrack

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The City of Nawabs – Hyderabad. Well known for its Hyderabadi Biryani and the Char Minaar, the city in Telangana, India was abuzz with the news of Claudio Caluori getting his hands dirty, constructing India’s first asphalt pumptrack.

Claudio Caluori, the man powering Velosolutions.
BMX rider, Hamza Khan has strong plans of creating more parks across India.

Wallride Park is a brainchild of 23yr old BMXer Hamza Khan. Seeing the thirst in Indian cyclists and skateboarders for “THE” spot, Hamza came up with this idea. Teaming up with the best in the world was the only way forward. World renowned pumptrack creators – Velosolutions was signed. The park is built in 20000 sq ft area with an asphalt pumptrack featuring a namesake wooden wall ride too! Besides the pump track is a street style concrete skatepark designed and built by Holystoked, India’s wildest skateboarding gang. Hamza also plans to add a food court, a bike shop and an airbag setup for riders to sharpen their skills.

Wallride park is just one of the many upcoming parks across the country  –Hamza

Our trail correspondent and beard model, Ajay Padval was on site packing in the layers with the team and caught up with the man himself, Claudio Caluori to know more about Velosolutions and their Indian project.

Claudio! Whats your age? Hometown?
CC: I was raised in Rhäzüns, Switzerland! That’s where i grew up skiing / snowboarding and picked up mountain biking as well. Age, 25… since 14 years!

When and how did Velosolutions start?
CC: It began way back in 2004 with 2 of my buddies when I was still a pro racer. My 2 other friends quit racing and soon I also got off the racing circuit and it was no turning back ever since!

What brings you to India?
Hamza and Ikram (The brains behind Wallride Park)

So what makes this pump track so special?
Well what makes it special for us is that it our very first project in India and if I’m not mistaken the first asphalt pump track in the entire country. To truly see whats special about it, you’ll have to make a trip to ride it!

Who’s on the Velosolutions crew for this build?
I’ve got my main man Claudio Schnurrenberger and Benjamin Josi, both from Switzerland and we’ve had helping hands from Hamza and you of course! The entire crew has been sweating it out under the Indian sun since the past week.

Playing in Indian soil, creating one of the first asphalt pump tracks of the country.

So what do you like about India?
FOOD! And the Women. But there is barrier of communication language so i can’t talk to them. I can tell you that India has the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.

World Cup racer, commentator, world class track designer. Whats next for Claudio?
well… you’ll see that soon.

Any plans of coming back to India?
I hope! It all depends on when our next track build happens, cause we really wanna push this sport in the country as we see how stoked people are!

Awesome! So next time you’re here, whats on your to do list?
CC: Well yes! but I guess I can’t tell you that here! We’ll have to wait and see!

Ajay Padval getting a feel of the track on a 20″

The fun riot at Wallride Pumptrack saw the cops investigating this pump n jump phenomenon!

Any parting words for our readers?
Your country is amazing and after having visited so many places, this was one of my best experiences can’t wait to get back here!

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