Crankworx Speed & Style

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The Cliff Bar Speed & Style went down on a dusty dry teck course at Crankworx Whistler.

The term Speed & Style is more speed with some style mixed in.

Sure guys tricked but when the dust settled it was speed for the win with a dose of Style. Adrien Loron against Tomas Slavik and finally Loron would take the Gold over last years King of Crankworx, Slavik for Silver.

In the small final it was a return to the podium for GBR, Daryl Brown who never seemed to have his hands on the bars would edge speedster Mitch Ropelato for the Bronze. Brown picked up his speed game and Ropelato his tricks but came up short. Loron who’s a pumptrack winner used all his speed and tricks to beat the fast Slavik.

The event saw many names fall before the gates even dropped along with those who didn’t make qualis. When the racing started it was full on speed vs those who tricked the two steep jumps. The King of Crankworx Speed & Style was settled when Czech rider Jakub Venci finished with 300 pts to beat Adrien Loron by total wins even though tied. Venci had bowed out in earlier rounds but still held on for the overall title win.

Crankworx never seems to go as planned with a changing of the podium finishers, exciting times for sure.

Words and Photography by: Malcolm McLaws

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