Devender Thakur | Rider Interview

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Devender Thakur

By: Vineet Sharma

Also featured in issue #21 | May 2014

Full Name:  Devender Thakur

Nickname:  Appu

Hometown: Kullu

Favorite Drinks: Orange juice

Music: Rock

FR MTB MAG: When did you start racing?

DEVENDER:  In Dec 2012 Trails n Dust mountain bike challenge, Manali.


FR MTB MAG:Who inspired you to get in the world of mountain biking or who are your biggest influences in the sport?

DEVENDER: Mr. Naveen Barongpa inspired me a lot.


FR MTB MAG: Describe your riding style.

DEVENDER: My riding style is cross country and I like technical uphill and downhill tracks and muddy tracks.


FR MTB MAG: Your greatest achievement to date:

DEVENDER: Overall champion of MTB Shimla 2014, 3rd place in Trails n Dust mountain bike challenge, Manali 2012, 7th place in National championship 2013.


FR MTB MAG: Tell us more about your current bike and what makes it so special?

DEVENDER: My current bike is a Giant Talon 27.5 1 ,  the special thing about this bike is that it has new wheel size and it is light and efficient on the climbs.


FR MTB MAG: We have seen you racing regularly for a while now and you won the recent MTB Shimla. Do you wish to race more often?

DEVENDER: Yes! I’m excited and want to compete against the world class riders in the upcoming races.



FR MTB MAG: What are your favorite types of trails and riding zones in India?

DEVENDER: I like single tracks and technical trails anywhere.


FR MTB MAG: If you could ride with your favorite rider anywhere in the world, where would you go and with whom?

DEVENDER: I would like to ride in South Africa with Julien Absalon the former world champion.


FR MTB MAG: What are your current and future goals in life and what are you doing to achieve these goals?

DEVENDER: I’m looking forward to compete in the World championships and I am training hard every day and getting good support by few good people.


FR MTB MAG: Any shout outs to sponsors, individuals who supported you through your mountain bike journey so far?

DEVENDER: Currently I am sponsored by Sprint Giant , I would like thank to my sponsors who has supported me and sponsored me a good bike to compete on.



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