Down Puerto Vallarta 2017

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The first edition of DOWN PUERTO VALLARTA gathered locals and tourists in downtown Puerto Vallarta to witness the most spectacular urban Downhill race of the year! The track, 880 meters was traced from the Cerro de la Cruz viewpoint to the Malecón making Calle Aldama one of the most spectacular stages of this sport where more than 25,000 spectators gathered.

38 of the world’s best riders demonstrated great level and technique when descending at high speeds before flying to the seawall through main streets of the town.

Urban downhill is a very demanding sport. The participants selected to participate in this first edition had to pass through experience requirements. But this does not exempt them from accidents. There were some major crashes during the day.

The category of SPEED & STYLE was very competitive and was defined in hundredth of seconds. Each rider had 2 timed descents and Tomas Slavik from Czechoslovakia took the 1st place with a time of 1: 27.77 followed closely by Remy Metailler from France with a time of 1: 27.81 and in third place Bernardo Cruz from Brazil with a time of 1: 27.93.

BEST TRICK with three mega ramps astonished all the spectators. The tricks of the evening included Superman seat grab, Cancan, 360 front, 360 flat spin, Cliff hanger, back and front flips. In the end Antoine Bizet of France was the winner of “Best Trick”. DOWN PUERTO VALLARTA 2017 surpassed all expectations and is shaping up to be a new venue for this sport that left the audience stoked for next year.

Shout outs: Tourism Trust of Puerto Vallarta and the Municipal Council of Puerto Vallarta. All the agencies and volunteers that made logistics possible in order to develop one of the most demanding tracks till date. Thanks to the sponsors of DOWN PUERTO VALLARTA 2017 who decorated the track and the boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta. Interprotection / Monster Energy / Altius Events / Oakley Mexico / Yamaha Concept Store.

During this event Franz Grossmann had a nasty crash, he is still recuperating in the hospital. You can support Franz and his family during the recovery. You can send your donation via GoFundMe.

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