DVS Throttle Hart Shoes

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DVS Throttle Hart Shoes

 By: Vineet Sharma

Also featured in Issue #12 | Nov 2012

Sporting some of the world’s greatest skateboarders in their lineup, it’s no surprise that DVS Shoe Company is taking the world by storm. They use of classic skate style with their own twists on design as well as giving the endorsees an active part in the designing process gives DVS an edge over the competition.


Founded in 1995 by Kevin Dunlap and Tim Gavin, DVS (pronounced like the word “devious”) holds SoCal roots, being based in Torrance, CA. As all good brands do, DVS started cranking out performance based kicks for male skateboarders, but now that they have been creating gear for various extreme sports.

Ever expanding, DVS brings in new talent all the time, and team DVS has moved outward to include not only top-notch skaters but snowboarders, moto cross riders and surfers. Nothing but continued success seems to be on the horizon for this outstanding brand!


We tried and tested the solid looking DVS Throttle Hart Shoes which are not commonly found. These skate shoes were designed with special collaboration between Hart and Huntington and DVS. The shoes are pretty solid and also feel good while riding on the trails and BMX.

Featuring an air-bag unit in heel for extra cushioning during impact is one of the best features we found. Sure-fit elasticized tongue makes sure your shoes stay on during your ride. Some of you may find the tongue bit bulky; however this sure-fit elastic tongue makes sure that these shoes stay on during your ride no matter what the situation is. There is also a hidden secret stash pocket for your small essentials.


Solid construction is a big plus point for these shoes but the styling is ace too. The lightweight rubber outsole features Hart and Huntington angel graphic. The sole also provides maximum grip and cushion. These shoes are not specifically designed for mountain biking, but they grip really well with platform pedals on mountain and BMX bike. Apart from riding comfort, they provide plenty of comfort when you are wearing them all day, thanks to the soft and resilient removable PU midsole.

Even though they are not designed for mountain biking, we loved them and they’re tough, look good and work great at the same time. These shoes are still holding up well after 3 months of riding, washing, and while hanging out with buddies.  We are pretty sure they are ready for more beating.




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