El Caminito del Rey on a mountain bike

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Before getting into the history of the El Camino del Rey I think I should clarify an important point of this project so that none of our readers get the wrong idea.

The Caminito del Rey cannot be done by bicycle. We need to thank the company that manages the Caminito del Rey and Malaga Provincial Government for the permission granted us to take these images and to do it on a bike.
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It was a special opportunity offered to a professional rider

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I confess that I have been impressed by the quality and outcome of the reconstruction of this route. I first ventured here years ago when it was sheer madness. I 100% recommend this experience to walk and explore. Crossing through a place like this to enjoy its beauty, witness the vultures and other birds will stir truly unique feelings inside you. Whether you are with family, friends or even alone I 100% recommend this historical journey.
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Although you’ll have to cover your eyes in some sections if you suffer from vertigo.

Thus began our adventure

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I had always heard of this place. I have friends who travel the world seeking the hard climbs and apparently this area is a Mecca for them. I had known this place for years. By first visit was just before the restoration began. At a time when the layout and paths were so bad they closed it to prevent accidents.
But I had seen enough to tell myself, “I have to go back.” And now I have returned to an almost brand new walkway that was safe and in great condition.
David Cachon_El Caminito de_6
During the time I spent in the Caminito del Rey I really enjoyed the surrounding nature and all of the birds that inhabit this place; mainly vultures. The trip through was nothing but fun. But it was a bit complicated while winding my way to areas that I could ride. The average width is 1 meter but in some spots the handlebars did not fit straight through. The trail hovers about 100 meters above the river. The total distance is about 8 kilometers of which are 4.8 km access routes, 1.5 km of walkways and 1.4 km trail. The route is pretty straight forward.
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It starts at Ardales and aims toward the jet Álora. If you make the journey on foot you will be just as comfortable as those who take one of the shuttle buses.
But your experience may change you.

Words & Riding: David Cachon
Photography: Fernando Marmolejo

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