Enduro Championship Bangladesh 2019

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Mountain Biking in Bangladesh is growing rapidly. As more Bangladeshi racers compete at the Asian Enduro Series every year, there has been a rise in the number of mountain biking events and further more, “Enduro” followers in the country. The recent ‘Enduro Championship Bangladesh 2019’ was a warmup for the local riders to get ready for the Asian Enduro Series 2019 season.

Here’s some action from the Chittagong region in Bangladesh.

Stage 1 – 1.2km – Higher dificulty level with steeps and sharp corners

Stage 2 – 1km – Eighty percent of the track is flowy

Stage 3 – 1.3km – Flowy and easy trail

Stage 4 – 1.8km – Steep technical trail with rocks and roots

Practice day was buzzing with 28°C, come race day, the mercury was higher! Making it tough for the competitors to push it at noon.


Local ripper, Niloy Chowdhury clocked the fastest time for the weekend with ample style on course!

Since this year’s ‘Enduro Championship Bangladesh‘ was an Asian Enduro Series (AES) warm up race for us, we tried our best to keep the course on par with the other tracks you’d see at continental series. We hope to have a round of the AES in Bangladesh in the future! – Niloy Chowdhury (Racer/Event Organizing Team)



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