Event Alert: 4th CycloBHP 2017 – Shillong

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“CycloBhp” is an annual downhill racing event for BMX and MTB. Started in 2012, this event features the first BMX Downhill Race in India. The 4th edition this March on 18th and 19th is expected to have a wider participation from various corners of the country, offering competitors with a more meaner track, jumps and berms! Expected Rider count is close to 100 Racers. So be prepared to ride hard!

The 4th CYCLOBHP RACE 2017 will include, a BMX Downhill Comp and a Mountain Bike Downhill Race. A good mix of big wheels and small, Shillong’s long running event will heat up the forest once again.

Thomas Lim, editor of Meghalaya Times quoted “Cycling in Meghalaya is yet to catch up to rest of the country but the “First Northeast Cycl0Bhp Challenge” has proved its potential in the state.In their attempt, the participants have tried to defy the topography of Meghalaya while aptly classifying it as an adventure. It is a well known fact that cycling in hilly and mountainous terrains is extremely difficult. Cycles have always had their presence, but going for stunting takes cycling to a whole new level, bring them under the category of sports. With the massive participation in the event, it only goes to show the enthusiasm that youths hold for the sport. All they require is support, proper guidance and avenues.

Miller B. Renthlei, winner of the Freestyle BMX challenge quoted “the 1st Northeast Cycl0Bhp was a Gr8t Event, With a lot of experiences for me and I believe it will also be a good experience for the other riders as well. Events like these bring together the same people with the same interest and thus help us feel never alone. The Cycl0Bhp was a great Experience for me as it helped me build my Confidence and I hope such events will be more encouraged and I hope for better Performances in the Coming Future.”

Bharat Bhardwaz – from Evolution Team  (North India) and national BMX Freestyle performer quoted “The First CyclOBhp Event was really a great platform for the riders to show their skills. The participants really had great passion for riding there”

Garry Umdor, winner of the SuperD MTB Racing quoted “There are so many things we came across and experienced. We saw many participants coming in… We should be thankful to the organizers who have put in so much effort for contributing towards the growth of cycling sport. Talking about the track, its if first of its kind in India… It is so much of a thrill to be a part of the event… This is the sport that most of the youngsters are looking into it… We thank the organizers, Dept. of Sports & Youth Affairs, sponsors and Meghalaya xBhp.”

Gregory Warjri: I have been a participant of CycloBhp racing since the first event was held. I have to give out a big thanks to the organizers for organizing such events because they were the only one and the first to held a downhill event in Meghalaya which give us riders a lot of exposure to the sport and along side as well developing and promoting the sports and also to the riders. Every event I have participated it has grow, developed and becoming more popular each year with new obstacles, new trail, technical section, berms, jumps etc. As a rider and a participant I am looking for ward for the next CycloBhp downhill competition.

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