Event Alert: North Quest Challenge 2019 – Ladakh, India

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Coming up this September in one of the highest riding zones of India, Ladakh, for its 3rd year, North Quest Challenge 2019.

Last year saw nearly 250 racers competing over different categories. The 2018 champion Kiran Kumar Raju from Bengaluru pulled all his power to take the win at this highest accredited XC race in the world. The North Quest Challenge is accredited by the Cycling Federation of India (CFI).

2018 North Quest Challenge Leaders pack! Winner – Kiran Kumar Raju followed by Devender Thakur and Shiven.

The race was xcm (cross country marathon) format, a gruelling 9.5km course x 6laps with a 3km constant climb reaching 3700mtrs. Happy to have survived the altitude and finished the race with a win. – Kiran Kumar Raju – WINNER | 2018 North Quest Challenge.

The 2019 Registrations have begun. Follow the link below to register yourself for this rad XC churn in the real mountains!

ADVENTURE SERIES: A non-timed, exploratory ride for everyone. Plan your itinerary around it or drop in if you’re in Ladakh on the 22nd September. Enjoy a Ladakhi experience like never before!

*Rental bikes are available on request! (*Conditions apply)

EXTREME SERIES: 2 stages, over 2 days, in different terrains of Ladakh, will truly allow you to explore your extremes! Besides the prize money, there is a special award from Cycling Federation of India.

ELITE SERIES: As the name suggests, “Elite Catagory” will see some of the faster, more experienced riders competing for the win!

*Participation in elite series is by invitation only.



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North Quest Challenge Ladakh 2018



North Quest Challenge, established in 2016, is dedicated to promoting bicycling, with the emphasis on competitive cycling, at an altitude of 3700 Meters above sea level.

Conducted under the aegis of the Cycling Federation of India (CFI), NQC Ladakh (XCM) will not only host some of the best MTB riders from all over the country and the world, but will also see cycling enthusiasts, tourists & adventure seekers, compete at a height that people usually sky dive from!

Scheduled for the last weekend of Sept 2019, the event is expected to see hardwired cycling enthusiasts, putting India on the global MTB map. Further, the platform also aims to spot, nurture & groom local talent, via the talent development program, instituted in collaboration with CFI.

NQC is dedicated to the development of competitive cyclists in an atmosphere of fun, safety, and camaraderie. In addition to its rider development and racing activities, NQC has experience in race promotion and organization, and its members serve as important resources for aspiring riders and visitors seeking information on cycling in India.


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