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Wakhri Mountain Biking Challenge is coming up – 4th November, 2017

This is a video of the David Scott’s Off road Trail for the Wah Khri Mountain Biking challenge. We request all the participants to watch this video to get a rough idea about the trail. Participants have to keep in mind that they have to slow down in tight & technical turns, where there will be flags indicating the various zones of the trail i.e., GREEN, YELLOW & RED. The trail on this video is mainly Downhill and few pedaling sections. Once you reach the bridge there will be a tar road which will be an uphill climb all the way to the finishing point.

This is the map of the Wah khri Mountain Biking Challenge. The race is going to be on the 4th November 2017. The total length of the trail is about 28Kms both off road and on road. The Yellow Start mark is the Starting and Finishing point of the race, the yellow triangle mark is the Wah Khri Bridge. The red mark line Stating from the star mark is mostly an off road trail which ends at the bridge going through the David Scott’s Trail. The green mark line starts from the bridge indicating the tar road and mostly uphill climb to the finishing point.

Note: The calculation is not exact but it is the approximate calculation of the trail.

Total length: 28Kms

Off road: 12kms of which 9Kms downhill 3 Kms up hill and plain area.
On road: 16kms Tar road mostly uphill climb.

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Local Category – Entry Free
Open Category – Rs. 1000/-

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