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It’s Genghis Khan and the thoughts of him founding the largest empire in the worlds history that enter your mind when you think of Mongolia. A huge empty land, rarely visited, an exotic unknown that conjures up images of ancient times and fearsome conquests.

Empire: A film by Gary Thomas

A land that will make you feel small, tiny in the midst of its vastness. Where the locals are strong and proud, and whose hospitality is legendary. They’ve conquered this tough environment, surviving here amongst the harsh seasons that make up the rhythm of life on the steppe. This is a land where the word freedom has a real sense of its meaning, not just a fashionable word used to describe our weekends.

mondolia 2

We discovered a unique and breathtaking place to ride our bikes. Where it often seems that the only limits are in our minds. You don’t need to plan a route or follow a trail. You can just sense your own way through this never-ending landscape. You can start to imagine your own empire.

One ruled by the freedom to ride wherever you want…. No man rules here, just mother nature.

It’s seems like a paradise, and it is.

To ride here contact genghiskhanpolo.com

Film by garythomasfilms.com


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