Gaëtan Rey | Photographer interview

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Gaëtan Rey | Photographer interview

By: Vineet Sharma

Also featured in Issue #15 | May 2013

Gaëtan Rey is an extremely creative photographer from FRANCE who also graced the cover of our last issue with his photograph. We caught up with him and asked few questions about him and his work.

Gae¦êtan Rey portrait Valle Encantada

FR MTB MAG: Tell us a little about yourself.

Rey: My name is Gaëtan Rey. I’m 28 years old. I live in France in a small town near Leman Lake and Swiss border called Orcier. I worked as a crane operator until this year but this summer things are going to change because I’ll work as a bikepatrol in Châtel Bikepark. I ride bikes since I’m a child and really love everything in contact with this world.

Benoit Gurnel suicide

FR MTB MAG: For how long you have been shooting photos?

Rey: Photos are not the biggest part of my work. I consider myself much more like a filmmaker than a photographer. Most of time I take photos to have something to add with a video article. Photos are like an extra. As I start filming (seriously) last year I can say that first good photos came at the same time.

Gambler by night

FR MTB MAG: Your mountain biking photography portfolio is epic. Do you shoot anything else besides mountain biking?

Rey: For sure most of  my work refers to mountain biking. I also try to shoot some landscapes, people or animals. I spent few weeks in Argentine with my wife last year and I took a lot of photos whereas there was no MTB at all.

Hornacal Argentine

FR MTB MAG: What does your camera bag consist of on photoshoots?

Rey: My camera bag is filled with video material more than photo material. I’ve got a Panasonic GH3 with 12-35mm, 35-100mm and 25mm lenses. Beside this one I kept my Sony Nex-5 with a 30mm macro lens and a 18-55mm one. The bag is completed with a rig, a follow focus, a shoulder mount, my tripod, a steady cam and a micro. As i said, it’s more for video shooting. Maybe you noticed that I don’t even have a flash yet…

Vincent Tupin back Gambler neige

FR MTB MAG: Tell us about Shaperideshoot.

Rey: Shaperideshoot is a kind of community I create with 4 friends to share the fun we have on bikes with other users. And the best way we found is broadcasting webedits and photos on our website ( and on social network. The name came from our way of life shared between shaping new trails, riding them as hard as possible and shooting with friends. We launched it last summer and we try to go forward with no pression, only doing what we love the best.

San Remo by night

FR MTB MAG: Do you ride mountain bikes besides shooting?

Rey: Yes, riding is the most important thing for me in my MTB life. I love shaping and shooting but riding with my friends is the most important.

Julien Fournier and David Dondana

FR MTB MAG: Any project lined up for this season? Can you tell us about it in details?

Rey: Nothing really special. The biggest change is my new work in a Bikepark and it takes all my attention at this moment. Maybe I will be able to create new lines in purpose to shoot some new videos in the park,  and maybe I will bring new guests on these lines. We are working also on a new dirt trail because i really want to shoot some dirt jumping stuff. When I am thinking about my summer I realize that I will work a lot with the shovel…


FR MTB MAG: If you could shoot anywhere with anyone, who and where would it be?

Rey: I really want to make some shots with Brendan Fairclough on one of our tracks. It’s a track with big jumps and a freeride spirit. I love so much the way that Brendan rides his bike . Being able to see him for real on your own track, hitting your jumps in front of my camera could be the best day in my life.


FR MTB MAG: Have you got chance to explore the mountain biking scene in India? Do you plan to visit here for any photography project?

Rey: No, not yet but I’m so stoked each time I see photos from riders in India. It looks like you guys have great natural terrain with beautiful landscapes. India is very far from Europe and I’m really bad to plan trips but I don’t want to say no. Maybe if you want to be the guide I will come with my friends! Maybe one day. I dream about a life of trips and travels with my MTB and my camera but by now it’s only a dream.


FR MTB MAG: Anything else we should know about you?

Rey: Nothing special to ad about me. I just want to thank my wife who bears me all the time, my partners who help me to go forward and my friends for the good moments!


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