Gautam Taode | Rider Interview

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Also featured in ISSUE 12 – May 2012



Full Name: Gautam Taode

Nickname: GT

Favorite Drinks: Red Bull & Ice Cold Beer


FR MTB MAG: When did you start riding DH?
TAODE: Its been a few years now riding these beast machines and getting to know them better!!! Day by day

FR MTB MAG: Who influenced you and how?
TAODE: Seeing Sam Hill, Steve Peat and Gee Atherton riding and racing their bikes in the videos made my life happier.

FR MTB MAG: What do you do for living?
TAODE: I am 21 this year studying sports management and mass communication and simultaneously riding my bike and this is what I want my job to be!  Racing bikes for a living!


FR MTB MAG: Your greatest achievement to date?
TAODE: Being a part of this insane sport.

FR MTB MAG: Your worst cycling experience?
TAODE: None so far. I like to be in the positive side.

FR MTB MAG: What are your current and future goals in life and what are you doing to achieve these goals?
TAODE: Racing in the World Cup is one of them, I am training religiously every day for it to happen one day which will. I want to take the Indian flag to the next level in sports.

FR MTB MAG: What bike do you ride?
TAODE: I ride a Commencal Supreme DH.


FR MTB MAG: You participated in the Nepal National Downhill Championships 2011. Share your experience.
TAODE: Participating in Nepal National Downhill Championships opened my eyes to real DH racing. I finished top five in the series, the race tracks are really good and long, the people are really friendly and Nepal is a really good place to ride.

FR MTB MAG: Before we wrap it up, do you want to give any shout-outs or Words of advice?
TAODE: Do whatever makes you happy.


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