GHV Endeavor Dirt Pump Track Championship 2019 – Mumbai

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Mumbai is usually associated with the urban chaos and polluted skies. A breath of fresh air on the outskirts of Mumbai, in Murbad, Thane is the newly built GHV Endeavor Trail – Dirt Pump Track at “Green Home Villas”. Fighting the extreme pre-monsoon temperature spike, over 50 mountain bikers and BMX riders landed in the quite Manivali village in Murbad.

Pump up the volume!
Pune’s Gautam Taode flew over the course, keeping his tires clean! \\ Photo: Imran Khokar

In India, people with property or/and money don’t really invest into cycling of any sort. But GHV did. They plunged in without making an excel sheet of ROI. So kudos to them!
This Pump Track Championship was a well organized race with even prize money for the winners! All the kids went home with something to show and that will go a long way! – Rahul Mulani

The timed trials, had racers boosting out of the starting deck onto a 400mts course with well sculpted berms, pumps and doubles. Amateurs and Elites put up a good show for the spectators with some hairy crashes and swift speeds. Considered India’s BMX godfather Rahul Mulani was up for the challenge as well showing everyone, age is just a number! Joining him on the start line was Nilay Parikh from Pune, who is one of India’s only BMX riders to compete at the World BMX Championship and Asian X Games, two decades ago! Also on the start list, were India’s DH Racing champions, Gautam Taode and Slade Gomes from Pune, along with India’s freeride mountain biking pioneer Vinay Menon.

Awesome Sunday of racing with friends on a fresh dirt trail! This was one of the wheel tribe parties I’d say. India’s BMX veterans, young mountain bike champs all coming together for a weekend of racing bicycles in a quite village, peaceful! Hi-five to Mohammad, Kamran and Satish who have devoted their time and efforts into creating this new place to ride and organize the first event. – Vinay Menon

Gautam Taode, ready for lift off! The usual on Downhill podiums across India, “GT” pulled off the second fastest time of the day, taking home six thousand rupees!
India’s 2018 National DH Champion, Slade Gomes from Pune, grabbed the big win and the cheque of fifteen thousand rupees!

Good to see more and more youth getting on those two wheels , be it mountain bikes, BMX  or trials bikes, events like these bring all of us together to shred and have a good time. GHV Endeavor pump track is located near Mumbai, which is great for the general city folks to visit over a weekend and spend time on the trail with friends and family.
Congratulations to all the winners and kudos to everyone who showed up for this event! 
– Gautam Taode

#RideLikeAGirl The ONLY woman on the start line, Sayali Maharao.
GHV Managing Director, Mohammad Memon and Kamran Shaykh along with track designer/builder, Satish Dwivedi weaved in a great weekend for the competitors.

Race Director, Dipak Panchal is no stranger to BMX/Mtn Bike events. A core BMX rider from the early 2000s, Dipak kept his bike aside for the day and logged the extremely close timings of the competitors. Riders from various parts of Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Bengaluru made their way to Murbad for the hot Sunday. More than just a race, the GHV Endeavor Dirt Pump Track Championship 2019 was a gathering of some of India’s best BMX and mountain bikers. Indian BMX legends like Rahul Mulani, Nilay Parikh and freeride mountain biking icon, Vinay Menon shared their knowledge with the young riders who are the future of the sport. With a relaxed atmosphere and excellent hospitality by the organizers, the GHV Endeavor Dirt Pump Track Championship 2019 was all about fun and hi-fives over the weekend.

Youngest racer on course, Aditya Kulkarni stoked everyone up with his riding style.

Elite Category  Winners prize handover by Mohammad Memon – Managing Director

1st Prize Slade Gomes awarded with INR. 15,000/- & Trophy

2nd Prize Gautam Taode awarded with INR.6000/- & Trophy

3rd Prize Varun Dutt awarded with Trophy

Amateur Category Winners prize handover by Satish Dwivedi – Director GHV Endeavor Trail

1st Prize Jaspal Malhi awarded with INR. 5,000/- & Trophy

2nd Prize Mehul Charaniya awarded Trophy & FREE One Year Pump Track Entry

3rd Prize Saurabh Kajale awarded with Trophy FREE Six Months Pump Track Entry

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