Hayes Prime Expert

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Hayes Prime Expert

By: Vineet Sharma

Also featured in Issue #10 | July 2012

Hayes replaced their Stroker range with a new platform a while ago. We checked the 2012 Hayes Prime Expert disc brakes which offer more power, new components and better ride compared to Hayes Stroker. Hayes Prime Expert features tool-free reach and contact adjustment, improved braking torque and feel and outstanding ergonomics are just a few of its many attributes. Plus, its ground-breaking, high-flow reservoir venting system has never been seen before.


  • Improved Reach Adjust: Tool-free design that is independent of the contact adjustment. This feature has improved durability and aesthetics over the existing Stroker design. Additionally, mechanical advantage is fixed regardless of lever home position. This means you get the same power and feel with the lever set close to the grip as you do with it set further away.
  • Mechanical Leverage Ratio: Increased throughout the entire lever stroke, resulting in a high power level later in the stroke. This promotes progressive braking that is more predictable (modulation).
  • Hydraulic Power Ratio: 20% increase in hydraulic ratio over the Stroker Trail. Higher clamp force on the rotor is reached with the same given input at the lever blade.


Hayes has also introduced top-loaded pads for the new two-piece aluminum caliper. The top portion of the caliper has a bigger vent which allows more air to flow in to prevent overheating. Inside the caliper massive 26mm twin pistons effectively increases stopping power. The rotating banjo is another new feature in Prime that we like.

Another cool feature is the 2 piece floating rotor with the “Sweeping Fin” venting pattern” and weighs around 114 grams!

PERFORMANCE: How well they performed? After checking out the brakes at local trail, urban and dirt jump section we have to say it aced in tool-free adjustment and braking power. The brakes were noisy occasionally but it was not a problem. The modulation was good all the time and the ergonomics really helped.

Prime Expert comes with 2 piece floating rotor that weighs around 114 grams!



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