High in Nepal

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Filmer Gary Thomas and Rider Tangi Rebours have made seven mountain bike films in Nepal now. They thought the time was right to put together a highlights edit – and there’s been a lot of them. It all started seven years ago with a broken wrist and a tiny cam-corder. You can’t ride, why don’t we make a little mountain film?!

There’s been a few tears, a lot of laughs, high altitude sickness for some, and low altitude problems for others. They have explored many different areas of Nepal from high to low. Their search for the legendary yeti opened their and our eyes and hearts to Solokhumbu. Getting stuck for days in a snow storm in Langtang taught them patience.

Mustang, the centre of the sky and the middle of the earth. It’s infinite space gives you a unique feeling of freedom. Then there’s Chitwan in the hot steamy plains where you ride past crocodiles and elephants to remind you there’s so much to the diversity and beauty of this country. Nepal is a true paradise for mountain bikers and so much more….

The duo call it ‘High in Nepal’ but maybe we should’ve called it – ‘Here’s to another 7 years of adventures and mountain biking in Nepal.’

Happy New Year 2074 Nepal.

(Nepal has it’s own calendar that’s approximately 56 Years, 8 Months and 15 Days ahead of the Gregorian calendar. The calendar year starts this year on 14th April 2017.)

To ride in Nepal – enduromtbnepal.com/


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