Hillstrike™ Snowtrike | Downhill Bike for Winter

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A custom designed high quality Snowtrike combining the best elements of Mountain Biking and Skiing.


A team of adrenaline sports enthusiasts from Slovenia have banded together to redevelop a winter experience for downhill mountain bikers. In development for years, the trike was launched on Kickstarter on febuary 9th, with an aim to reach $64,000. Born from the love of mountain biking, the team’s goal was to bring the experience to the slopes.

In 2011 when the founder Matic Hribar, a passionate mountain biker and an all-round extreme sports enthusiast, had the desire to bring the experience of downhill mountain biking to the snow. It was that year thatthe first Hillstrike Snowtrike prototype was created. He wanted the trike to be simple for use and durable enough for more extreme use. Building on the ideas of previous snowtrikes, a new carving mechanism was implimented, amongst other elements, to take the sport to the next level.


Leading on from the initial carving innovation, the team began including new features such as a simple way to use the ski lifts and a safety leash not to lose the trike on the hill. They wanted to make it ready and easy to learn for casual users. That of course didn’t mean that experienced riders wouldn’t have any fun; the trike was built to withstand stunts, tricks and large jumps. The innovative pedal system offers a solid grip, and high-

end front suspension from ROCK SHOX absorbs everything from small bumps to big hits. The custom wood core skis are specifically designed for the trike, and are renforced on critical points to prevent breaking.


The Hillstrike team received a decidedly positive response when they unveiled their prototype on  Austrian and Slovenian slopes. Professional riders from Austria Matthias Garber and Elias Vonier were the first to take the trike for a ride. Elias reflected “I like how it feels when you carve. You can change the geometry for different terrains – if you want to go for slope riding, or park riding, or even powder riding it makes it a lot easier,” followed by Matthias claiming: “I really think that Hillstrike will make the scene bigger and better.


The crowdfunding platform Kickstarter was chosen as they felt the platform is ideal for empowering teams like theirs through reaching their customers directly. Building on Slovenia’s strong relationship with the company, the campaign is ongoing on Kickstarter until the 25th of March. Moreover, the secondary aim of the campaign is to create a community around the product for any rider who shares the same passion. As the Kickstarter platform has a strong community characterised with a supportive and helpful nature, the team hopes that their campaign will not be an uphill struggle.

* https://goo.gl/4joq0E  |  http://www.hillstrike.com/

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