Himalayan Mountain Bike Photo Contest 2017

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October 12th,  the 4th edition of the wicked Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival returned to Manali, Himachal Pradesh – The Mountain Biking Capital of India.

The festival includes BMX street and flatland sessions, roughest Downhill mountain bike race of India and the gnarliest cross country race in the country.

Newest addition this year to the Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival was the “Himalayan Mountain Bike Photo Contest” in association with F-Stop Gear. Here, invited photographers competed to put together the best action and lifestyle slideshow from 4th Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival.

This contest was the first of its kind shout out to photographers in India who competed and displayed their creativity during the event and made this festival unforgettable.

The invited photographers documented the Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival in following topics: Best Action Photo, Best Creative Angle and Best lifestyle shot.

These submissions were judged by Malcolm McLaws; renowned action sports photographer from Canada who has contributed a lot to our sport of mountain biking since its progression days. McLaws also regularly covers prestigious mountain bike events like Crankworx and the Red Bull Rampage.

Malcolm’s work has graced many mountain bike and travel magazine covers worldwide.

“Here are the choices for the photo contest winners and why. The photos submitted were top notch. They had all the elements to draw you into Mtn biking. These photogs should be proud of their work and continue to push themselves. The level of creativity was on par with any photographer shooting worldwide. The best part is knowing that mountain biking is growing around the globe and India is leading the charge.” – Malcolm McLaws

Here’s what the judge has to say about the winner’s:

1st: Gitesh Gupta from Kullu (Himachal Pradesh)

Here is why Gitesh Gupta took the win.

1: Action – “This was a hard choice but his photo combined action and creativity. The riding action is there along with placing the rider in an out off focus foreground but sharp photo. Not easy to do!”


2: Creativity – “This shot just drew me in, the shadows, the rider repeated surrounded by people that drew my eye inwards. The simplicity is what says biking, you and your bike.”


3: Lifestyle – “This photo shouts friends and biking. These are the moments we share after a ride: a beer, food and friendship. Can it get any simpler in life? The foreground shows how we got to the table and the smiles says why we ride. The dog maybe says trail dog but I’m sure he’s just hungry!”

2nd: Kimaya Morye from Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Here is the 2’nd place, who showed many talents to work for a future in Mountain Bike photography.

1: Action – “This full tilt DH shot screams speed on a DH course. Dust and off the breaks spells solid commitment by the rider and photog.”


2: Creativity – “This shot is hard in dark light but showed the talents of the photog.”


3: Lifestyle – “This shot could be anywhere in the world. Here in BC, at Rampage or just as it shows, India. We are all connected by one thing, our love of bike and friends while doing what draws us together worldwide.”

3rd: Nitin Rawal from Kullu (Himachal Pradesh)

This is my 3’rd place but hot on the heels of Kimaya in 2’nd. This photog shoots a lot like me and maybe I could have pushed him upwards? I think he has huge talent and with his solid eye should succeed in taking Mountain Bike Photo’s. Heck I have!

1: Action – “A classic DH shot, the rider, the tape and the course. Simple but true.”


2: Lifestyle – “These are your friends and fans showing the excitement for the sport. We’ve all got these people in our lives when you bike, thankfully!”


3: Creativity – “This in your face shot brings you up close and into the action with this photo. I only wish it was brighter but knowing shooting into the sun creates other issues this picture made me feel what it’s like to hang on and send a DH course. Full tilt boogie and high heartbeat.”

The winners of Himalayan Mountain Bike Photo Contest were presented high-end gear sponsored by F-Stop, a leading innovator in adventure camera carry and has been supporting prestigious mountain biking events globally.

F-stop pack systems are widely recognized for their rugged build, comfort, and modularity. More information about the brand and their products can be found on: http://fstopgear.com/

Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival and associated events are organized by Himalayan Mountain Bike Network.


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