Iggy | Rider Interview

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Ignatius Chen Chin Fa aka Iggy

By: Vinay Menon | Photos: Robin Darius Conz

Also featured in Issue #19 | Jan 2014

Nickname: Iggy

 Age: 27

 Hometown: Bangalore, Karnataka

Years riding: Started Mountain Biking 6 Years ago. Focusing on DH for 4 years now.

Primary steed: Giant Glory 01

Your most preferred style in Mountain biking: Downhill



How did your inclination towards Downhill Mountain biking come about?

After watching a documentary on Downhill Racing in 2009, I headed to the hill with my hardtail and tried riding a few downhill sections on the nearby hill. I was hooked ever since!


Riders that inspire you?

Home boys Nilesh Dhumal, Vinay Menon and Mrigendra Mainkar. The Emperor – Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, Kurt Sorge, the Atherton family, Aaron Gwen and anyone who rips fast …


How does your productive week look like?

Currently my day starts at 5.30am with little work out at the gym. I have also included running into my train regime. I work at ‘ProCycle’ which is one of the best bike stores in the country. I take the responsibility of whole service department at Procycle making sure every bike runs smooth…

On day offs depending on the mood we hit the trails at Turahalli or Nandi Hills.  A good day ends with few laps practicing a new section on the track or just building another jump on the track.


You’ve been racing the BBCh DH events for a few years now and have raced the DH Comps in Nepal as well. Do you wish to race more often?

My First DH race was the Nepal National DH at Shivapuri National Park in 2011 conducted by Nepal Cycling Association along with the local store, KBS (Katmandu Bike Station). I was in the squad of India’s first Downhill Racers (Nilesh, Vinay, Gautam, Piyush, Anand and myself) to step out of India to represent the Country, it felt good. I placed 20th position in my life’s first DH race. Soon the local Bangalore DH Race scene at ‘Turahalli’ started to emerge. I finished 5th in 2011, 2012 I was in 6th. In 2013 ProCycle gave me the opportunity to take part in the National DH Race in Nepal again; it was a booster for my performance as I made it into the top 10. With a 4th spot finish at the BBCH ‘Turahalli DH Madness 2013’ it was a good way to end this year. My goal is to be in as many races as possible for 2014 and also hopefully representing India on the Asian Downhill circuit.


Where do you see yourself 10 years from now in the sport?

10 years from now I will still be riding (I know I will be) promoting the sport in every possible way. Also exploring and building new trails, sliding those wheels having more fun..


Any shout outs?

My family especially mom, sister for supporting me.. My girlfriend Neha who has always been there. My friend and colleague Nilesh Dhumal for pushing my riding. My sponsors ‘ProCycle’ and ‘Helicon consulting’ for giving me the opportunity to race. To all my trail buddies Vinay, Gautam, Mugoo and others riding with you all has always been a blast.



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