IIT Techfest 2016 | Mumbai

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Words: Dipak Panchal \\ Pictures: Darius Quadros

TECHFEST is a 3 day long technology festival held at the IIT Bombay campus, showcasing and encouraging the future engineers our country.

Hundreds of Indian and international institutions come together during this college festival.

Spreading the BMX religion, Team Sharptune has been performing at the IIT Techfest, Mumbai for over a decade now!

2004 was first time I was invited for a BMX demo here at the IIT campus.

Nilesh Dhumal, Mrigendra Mainkar, Vinay Menon my elder brother and myself did some very simple shows that attracted a huge audience. The TECHFEST vibe was so magical that I made sure that I had to come here and attend this amazing festival with my BMX every year.

Sharptune ringleader, Dipak Panchal getting things started.

2016 saw the 11th edition of BMX DEMOS at TECHFEST IIT BOMBAY! Eleven funkin years!

Dipak Panchal spitting some good words. \\ Photo: Darius Quadros.

There’s clearly no money involved in this event, but what makes us come back here over and over again is the feeling. The feeling of showing something really cool that we can do on our bikes and expressing out those very same feelings of accomplishment to youngsters who come see us during the BMX demos.


Human speed bumps in town. \\ Photo: Darius Quadros
Hasmukh Parmar is a known name on the Indian BMX circuit. A street bomber, Hasu throwing a 180 table for the excited crowd. \\ Photo: Darius Quadros.

3 days of TECHFEST has a footfall of over 20000 students every day, from colleges all across the country. This gives us an opportunity to show our amazing and thrilling sport to an audience from the most remotest parts of India who visit the festival. The youngsters who come from various states of India see us ride and often come up to us and inquire about BMX, it helps us tremendously to get the word out and we have had quite a few kids taking up BMX or skateboarding after seeing us ride at TECHFEST.

Flatland veteran, Rajas Naik styling his smooth spins. \\ Photo: Darius Quadros.


Hasu scaring the kids with his chainring! \\ Photo: Darius Quadros.

We would like to thank the Dean and the entire management of IIT Bombay and TECHFEST for letting us come here every year and showing our sport to the massive massive audience.

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