Jamshed Shah | Rider Interview

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The evolving BMX scene of India has been seeing a line up of strong riders jumping in. Today we meet one of the good dudes on and off the bike, twenty four years old Jamshed Shah from Mumbai.


Riding style – Freestyle/Street

Riding since – 2010

Occupation/Education – Staff Nurse / BSC nursing

FRMTB: What got you into Bmx?
Jamshed Shah: 
Luckily I had good friends in school like Dhroov Rajpal he is the one who got me into the scene initially. He had a Fomas BMX and used to show up at my house after school with his bike, doing wheelies. We were rare Indian species in the neighborhood, who were into riding BMX. I used to watch X-games and iconic movies like RAD and BMX Bandits from 1983 and many more like Nitro Circus!

FRMTB: Who all do you look up to in the global riding scene?
Mat Hoffman the father of BMX also known as the world’s strongest man with innumerable surgeries and injuries! Then Matthias Dandois, I’ve always been fascinated about this rider for his unique riding style. There are couple of teams I’ve grown up watching like Federal Bikes from Europe.

FRMTB: What are the places you like to ride at?
Riding in Mumbai traffic is a big risk in itself! I like to jam with my friends, riding at some of the few new skate parks in India.

FRMTB: What do you do for a living?
I’m doing graduation in Nursing and I’m also a staff nurse at a Cardiology Hospital.

FRMTB: Where are you currently and how are you helping the community during the pandemic?
I’m in Hyderabad currently and I gave my bicycle to the local boys at the Skatepark there, so they could go out and learn some riding skills.

FRMTB: Who are your top 5 BMX riders from India?
Dhroov Rajpal, Hasu Parmar, Sanjay Rajpurohit, Nikhil Dhon, Mehul Charanya.

FRMTB: Anyone you wish to mention/thank?
Yes couple of names I have in my head! Very well deserving names like Rahul Mulani, Dipak Panchal, Ronysk8,  Gautam Taode, Vinay Menon and Hamza Khan from Hyderabad for growing the scene for real!



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