Jeewan Jeet Singh |Rider Interview

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Photography: Vineet Sharma
Full Name: Jeewan Jeet Singh

Nickname: Sonu

Hometown: Chandigarh, India

Favourite Drinks: Coke, Thums-Up

FR MTB MAG: When did you start riding?
JEEWAN: I started riding at the age of 5.

FR MTB MAG: Who influenced you and how?
JEEWAN: My elder brother has influenced me a lot. I used to get stoked watching him doing a wheelie, later he taught me too.

FR MTB MAG: What do you do for living?
JEEWAN: I have been working as a bike store manager since couple of years in Chandigarh.

FR MTB MAG: Your greatest achievement to date:
JEEWAN: I built a SUV engine super bike from scratch fitted with 970CC Suzuki Gypsy engine. Its a big machine!
FR MTB MAG: Your worst cycling experience:
JEEWAN: I have crashed many times and even broke bones. However my worst experience was when I broke my beloved Trek Jack frame back in 2009 during a Dirt Jump Fest in Chandigarh.

FR MTB MAG: What are your current and future goals in life and what are you doing to achieve these goals?
JEEWAN: I want to promote extreme biking in India and want to see Indian BMX team in the Olympics. I’m trying my best to teach riding skills to new generation. Its really encouraging to watch them progress every day.

FR MTB MAG: You have been actively participating in Moto Cross and other motor sport events. Do you plan to make your career in motor sports industry?
JEEWAN: I love motor sports as much as I love mountain biking. If given a chance I dont mind making my career in the motor sports industry. Though my passion towards mountain bikes will never fade away.
FR MTB MAG: What do you prefer: Mountain Biking or Motor Cycling?
JEEWAN: Both have importance in my life. I get time to ride both which keeps me happy.

FR MTB MAG: Before we wrap it up, do you want to give any shout-outs or Words of advice?
JEEWAN: My only request to everyone out there, from an individual to people involved in the mountian biking industry is to please help in promoting extreme biking sports in India by supporting these events in large numbers and assist us in educating the young riders about the sport.

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