Kasia Darska | Rider Interview

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Also featured in ISSUE 9 – May 2012

Full Name: Kasia Darska
Hometown: Poland

FR MTB MAG: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
KASIA: My name is Kasia, I’m a 20 year old girl from Poland. Sport is my passion and I’m a student of Academy of Physical Education.

FR MTB MAG: For how long you have been drawing and painting mountain biking related stuff?
KASIA: Since 2006, the year when I bought my first bike

FR MTB MAG: Do you draw anything else besides mountain biking themes?
KASIA: I draw/paint everything. I love to draw animals, nature and portraits. I also paint on paper, wood, helmets, frames, eggs, etc.

FR MTB MAG: Is drawing/painting your full time profession or do you have another job?
KASIA: In addition to drawing I also create sculptures in the sand, ice and mud. I have participated in downhill races and my personal success is the completion of 16 competitions in a season. I play well at the skate park extreme street biking, roller skating and ice skating.  I’m also interested in photography and playing guitar.

FR MTB MAG: Do you get time to ride out on trails?
KASIA: In winter and spring I have very little time to ride because I have a lot to learn. So I ride during weekends with my crazy brothers… sometimes all day and night. During the holidays I spend all my free time at bike parks and skate parks. I keep participating in downhill races.

FR MTB MAG: What riding style do you fancy?
KASIA: I prefer street/vert , FR, DH and dirt jumping. Generally I love to fly and do tricks.

FR MTB MAG: Tell us about your bike.
KASIA: At the beginning I rode on hard tail with Marzocchi Z-150, but it was not a good idea. Because of the diversity of my riding I had to buy two bikes- DH and dirt/street bike.

FR MTB MAG: Who is your favorite mountain biker?
KASIA: My idol is Shawn Denny. I love his style. I admire him since I was a kid. He had a big influence on my style of riding a bike.

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