Kill the Chill with “WARMEE”

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The guys at WARMEE gave us this brilliant product to test while we were riding in the Ladakh region recently. We were not aware that this self heating warmer will be such a blessing!

WARMEE is an air activated self heating patch and provides warmth to its user for more than 8 hours without using of any external source of heating. The manufacturers are ISO and CE certified which means this is not going to harm you in any way possible.

WARMEE is very useful for winter adventure activities like Trekking, Camping, Cross Mountain Road Trips, Mountain Biking, Bicycle Stage Races etc carried out in high altitude or colder regions. It provides warmth to its users even in sub zero temperatures. The company claims that WARMEE provides up to 8 hours of continuous warmth. Thats enough time limit for something that does not need any power source. However during our usage we realized that WARMEE kept on working for more than a day!

Cost Effective. Handy and Light wieght. Instant heating that lasts for more than a day!


This self heating warmer is pretty easy to use. Just pull it out of the packet, shake it for couple of seconds to activate the magic inside. Place the WARMEE any where you desire. Be it in your sleeping bag, jacket, pockets, under-arms, in your socks or gloves – It fits anywhere and that’s what we really like!


We could not resist to check out the magical content of WARMEE. Its full of Science!

The contents found in WARMEE are formulated with non-toxic and non-combustible ingredients that each of us has handled in some form in our everyday lives. The main ingredients are vermiculite iron, water and activated carbon.

We strongly advise you to dispose of the used WARMEE pack properly after use AND DO NOT CUT OPEN THE INGREDIENTS.

The cost of this self heating warmer which can be your life saver is not heavy on your pockets at all! The 100 X 140mm size costs INR 50 while 70 X 90mm costs INR 30 only!

More info or orders can be placed on WARMEE’s website:

This 5 star product is highly recommended by us and you must try it during these winters.


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