Lakshay Jangid | Rider Interview

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Name: Lakshay Jangid a.k.a The Survivor (TEAM- STEELZ SILENCERZ)
Age: 23
Home Town: Jaipur
Years Riding:7.5
Current Bike: Mongoose Fireball, Dartmoor 26 Player
What’s looping on your playlist: Salam India (Mary Kom).
Competitions/Contests Entered:

  • International online championship 2014 – 11th position/ 49 riders.
  • International online championship 2015 – 3rd position/68 riders.
  • This is ITT championship Lucknow, India 2015 – 1st position/ 36 riders
  • MTB Stunt Net championship (world) – 1st position / 109 riders
  • MTB stunt grand prix 2017 (extreme bike tour) Wodzislow Slaski, Poland – 1st position / 23 riders
  • Participating next in MTB stunt Net championship is starting on 24th September 2017.
  • World record holder of “Longest headstand on bicycle” These records are registered in India book of records, Limca book of records, World record setters

FRMTB: How did Bicycle stunt/freestyle start for you?
LAKSHAY: From my childhood I wanted to be an adventure guy. 8 Years back I saw a boy performing a stoppie on his cycle with bricks, I was impressed and tried it with lot of efforts. As I learnt new tricks day by day I became more curious and hungry to go further, and that hunger is still the same in me. I trained alone for 2 years before I met Tony sir. We started riding and training together. This partnership created our team STEEL SILENCERZ which was a big change in my life. From then to now am training hard to make MTB STUNT grow.

FRMTB: Unlike mountain bike racing, dirt jumping, trials or free ride, “Stunt/Freestyle” discipline is quite different with its roots in Street Bike Freestyle, what are the kind of tricks you do, are they inspired by motorbike tricks?
LAKSHAY: I always want to try dirt jumps for once. And yes MTB stunts have roots of street bike freestyle and I was inspired by bike stunts earlier. Now I look MTB stunts more and get inspired but my favorite video which motivates me – Kamil Kobedzowski. I see and learn these tricks and also invent my own tricks.

FRMTB: You have been successfully competing in various National and International Comps. Any that stand out and why?
LAKSHAY: I have successfully competed in various championships but my recent winning in Poland in MTB STUNT GRAND PRIX was special one because I performed in the front of the best riders of the world who were in jury. Every single moment of that championship is precious for me especially to receive the trophy by Kamil Kobedzowski.

FRMTB: Recently you were invited to Poland for the “Bicycle Stunt World Championships 2017” how was the experience?
LAKSHAY: It was my big dream to participate in world level and I have represented India so many times. If I talk about my experience in Poland it was just awesome because I got the an opportunity to travel by flight for the first time to my dream destination which is also the hub for MTB stunt riding championship.

I also got to meet all the crazy riders who were in touch through internet and I was really excited to ride with them. I also got to explore their living style, food, rules, lifestyle and many more. Riding with Kamil and other MTB stunt riders was a special moment. I’m still stoked to be felicitated by him as I won the championship.

FRMTB: What is brewing for the next season?
LAKSHAY: I am going to participate again in many events next year and will give my all the best efforts as I’m training harder now.

FRMTB: Along with performing tricks in an urban landscape, do you follow downhill, free ride, dirt jumping and Practice Mountain biking in the hills?
LAKSHAY: Yes. My second dream is to be a pro in free ride and dirt jump. I try dirt jump occasionally and have a lot of fun doing it.

FRMTB: Where do you see yourself in the sport, 10 years from now?
LAKSHAY: I see myself doing something better than today in MTB stunts. The future will be one serious experience. However I want to be involved in extreme sports only.

FRMTB: Any shout outs?
LAKSHAY: I want to thank my Parents, my team, my best friend Deepika (Boxer) and my sponsors Leo’s group and Lotus dairy who have faith in me and helped me where I am today. I am also thankful to Kamil for everything he did for us in Poland.


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