Laraib Khan | Rider Interview

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BMX ‘street’ style of riding has been spreading faster across India over the past 10 years. There’s a new wave of riders who are pushing harder, crashing harder and pushing again! We caught up with Mumbai’s Laraib Khan who’s not old enough for a driver’s license but is sure flying high on his BMX.

Name: Laraib   Khan
Age: 18
Preferred style of riding: Street
Years riding: 1.5 years
Current bike: Moongose Legion l60
Any supporting brands: —-

FRMTB: How, when did BMX riding catch your attention?
Laraib: Seeing my friends ride and watching BMX videos on the internet, I was hooked onto BMX.

FRMTB: Who inspires you to ride? Athletes that you look upto?
: I’m inspired by Sayed Avesh, Fuzail Khan and Nikhil Dhon.


FRMTB: When you find a new line or set yourself a new trick goal, how do you go about it?
Laraib: Sometimes it takes a lot of time to complete a trick. But I stick to trying it again till I land it.

FRMTB: What kind of issues do you face while sessioning at certain city spots?
Laraib: A lot of people gather around while we are sessioning. Some onlookers support, while some of them yell at us to leave the space and go elsewhere. Our team rides anywhere we find free space!

FRMTB: Where do you see yourself in the sport of BMX riding, 5 years from now?
Laraib: I see myself being one of the best in the country and hope one day I’d be able to qualify for the Olympics and represent India in BMX Freestyle.

FRMTB: How would you wish to contribute to the growth of BMX riding in India?
Laraib:  I’d inspire younger kids to ride their BMX bikes than wasting away and getting into drugs, alcohol and wrecking their future. If someone wants to ride BMX I’m always there to teach.


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FRMTB: Any shoutouts?
Laraib: My crew, my bros who ride BMX in Mumbra.


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