Laxmi Magar | Rider Interview

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Also featured in Issue #26 | March – April 2015

Nickname: Tin Tin

Age: 28

Hometown: Nuwakot, Nepal

Years riding: 7 Years

Current bike: Scott

Favorite drinks: Coke

Music: Any music that makes me feel good.



FR MTB MAG: How did mountain biking come about for you?

Laxmi: Mountain biking came as a physical fitness activity in my life but soon I realized it helped me relaxing my mind at the same time.


FR MTB MAG: Riders that inspire you?

Laxmi: Ajay Pandit Chettri


FR MTB MAG: Your greatest achievement to date?

Laxmi: I was blinded by the sport of mountain biking sometime in Feb 2012. I got my own bike and there was no looking back. I never imagined before that I would be racing mountain bikes.


FR MTB MAG: Tell us more about your current bike and what makes it so special?

Laxmi: Currently I’m riding a Scott hardtail mountain bike.  The geometry is perfect and its rolling is much better and faster because of 27.5 wheels.


FR MTB MAG: We have seen you racing regularly. Do you wish to race more often?

Laxmi: Yes! I will continue racing more.


FR MTB MAG: What are your favorite types of trails and riding zones in Nepal?

Laxmi: Any hilly region in Nepal ranging from 1400 to 2700m is my favorite and I enjoy uphills as climbing is my favorite part.


FR MTB MAG: If you could ride with your favorite rider anywhere in the world, where would you go and with whom?

Laxmi: It’s hard to decide a name however I would love to try riding technical trails in Switzerland.


FR MTB MAG: Plans for this season?

Laxmi: Currently I’m training for Himalayan Rush Duathlon, Yakru, Yak Attack and National mountain bike championship.


FR MTB MAG: Any shoutout to sponsors, individuals who supported you through your mountain bike journey so far?

Laxmi: I would like to thank my supporters Mizuho Rasila Fuzihara, Dharan Holloway Young Athlete Club, Chasethe Rainbow, Neil, Scott Bikes Nepal, and Yak Attack. They have helped me all the way.


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