Make the fog disappear with AIRFLAPS

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Airflaps make the fog disappear and relieve the pressure exerted by the mask on the face.

The constraints related to the use of a helmet and a mask in MTB are more present than motorcycle: intense efforts causing excess heat and perspiration, but lower speeds reducing the potential for ventilation in the mask. At the same time, the development of ATV-AE requires helmets that are closer and closer to those used on motorcycles.

All these elements persuade us that AirFlaps has a great place to carve itself in the world of cycling to collect as much laurels as it does in motorsports.

Who has never needed to ventilate his mask, to evacuate the steam or to dry the mosses full of sweat, without having the time to stop or want to take the risk to remove it?

This product solves the problem simply and efficiently with an accessory compatible with all “helmet / mask” combinations. A few minutes are enough to paste it and it does not require any modification of the helmet!

AirFlaps allows the operation with one hand and without stopping to roll, to improve the ventilation of your mask and your helmet. You can open, remove and replace your helmet comfortably without removing the mask. Once closed, the mask returns to the perfect touch of your face.

The removal of AirFlaps is very easy. Simply unscrew the flaps from their mounting bases with a screwdriver.

The mounts are extremely light (2 x 28 grams), AirFlaps does not cause any additional cervical fatigue. This kit is available for 54,99 € and the adhesive kit is sold separately for 15 €.

AirFlaps can be ordered online. Click Here to order a pair from Tribe Sports Group.


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