Michael Overbeck | Photographer Interview

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Photography: Michael Overbeck

Also featured in ISSUE 8 – Mar 2012

Self Portrait

Full Name: Michael Overbeck

Hometown: Whistler, Canada

FR MTB MAG: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
MICHAEL: I have been shooting for just over a year now and I love it, it makes my life better and better every single day. It’s something that inspires me and brings me so much happiness. I am mainly a Bike, Ski and Lifestyle photographer, but I love going out of my comfort zone and shooting whatever I get the chance to. A big thing for me in my photography is trying to tell a story with my photos, I have always been a mountain biker, since as far back as I can remember.When I got in to photography, all I wanted to shoot was mountain biking. The fact that I lived in Whistler made it almost a daily occurrence where I could go out and take photos with many of my friends riding their bikes.

FR MTB MAG: For how long have you been in mountain biking industry?
MICHAEL: I have been shooting photos in the mountain bike industry for about 8 months now but only have had about 4 months to shoot it because in Canada there is snow on the ground for half of the year. The time that I have been in the bike industry has really been awesome; I have met some of the nicest most down to earth people ever. Before I got in to photography I was out biking every day I possibly could, I’d get home from school and ride my bike till the sun went down, and now with photography I do the same (I just always have my camera with me now). I was a kid that was very in to the mountain bike scene. I got to know many people, which has really helped me out in my photography career!

FR MTB MAG: Do you shoot anything else besides mountain biking stuff?
MICHAEL: Yes! I shoot a lot of skiing all winter, and also I do tons of lifestyle photography, which I really love. To help pay the bills I do portrait/family shoots on the side, which can also be lots of fun as well! Mountain biking still has to be my favorite things to shoot for sure, it is just too much fun and it will remain a great passion of mine for ever.

FR MTB MAG: Is photography your full time profession or do you have another job?
MICHAEL: As of now it is a part time job, it is currently the only job I have but I am also in high school right now and don’t have time to juggle around more than one job. I’d love to make it a career once I am done high school, it will be hard but I am sure I can do it! I love it and that is a big goal for me, which I’m going to give my all to accomplish.

Zerode Team Rider-Candian Open @ Whistler Bike Park

FR MTB MAG: You are busy with many assignments. Do you get time to ride out on trails?
MICHAEL: Even though I do many assignments weekly and juggling that with school can be very tricky, but I do get time to ride, which I need in my life! I find that when I’m just out riding my bike with friends I get very inspired by new ideas and it’s a really great way to find out new and cool places to shoot photos. Being part of the mountain bike culture helps inspire me, mountain biking will always be a big part of my life and I can’t imagine stopping.

FR MTB MAG: Tell us who your main clients are.
MICHAEL: My main clients would be Ibis Cycles, Crankworx, Teva, Faction Skis, PWT Transit, C4 Racer Training, Whistler Is Awesome blog, Pure Source H2O. I have done stuff for SBC Skier mag and had my photos shown all over the place during Crankworx 2011 which was great. Most of my work is with certain people whom are not part of a company, such as bike shoots, ski shoots, and lifestyle/portrait/family photo shoots with clients that I’ve gotten the privilege to know personally over my life.

Zander Geddes-Original Sin @ Whistler Bike Park

FR MTB MAG: Who is your favorite mountain biker?
MICHAEL: Now that is definitely a tricky question but I’m going to have to say Brandon Semenuk 100%. He is an awesome rider and has taken this sport to a whole new level, he has so much style and flow and makes every contest run look as smooth as butter. Also, I grew up riding with him and learning things off him daily, trying out his bikes, and he was always around to give me pointers. Definitely a guy I want to shoot with for a few days.

FR MTB MAG: What do you think about the progressing mountain biking scene in India, Nepal and Bhutan?
MICHAEL: I really think it’s the coolest thing ever, I love seeing the mountain bike scene all over the world, it is growing every single day and I only see it getting bigger. I would love to come visit India, Nepal and Bhutan someday! I hear the single track trails are one of a kind, and from what I’ve seen in photos it looks like one amazing place to be able to see and experience, especially with a camera and on a bike.

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