Nandi Hill – Project 101

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Also featured in Issue #26 | March – April 2015

Words: Ignatius Chen Chin Fa | Photography: Robin Darius Conz / Loose Riders India

LOCATION: Bangalore -Karnataka (India)

Downhill Ride Nandi hills

Welcome to the South of India and this is my story about where we ride and what we have been upto.

20141207_D7000_nandi build_0020

So our day begins at 6.30 with the morning calls from riders with a healthy dose of coffee and tea and idly and dosa. The NH -7 on the way to Nandi is a long and wide road with speedy cabs faring passengers to the airport and with broken queries to give us an early morning view of what to expect.

20141005_Nandi_Pips trek_D7000_0125

20141207_D7000_nandi build_0002

Nandi is a wild place and you can find all kinds of cyclist and a few guys teaching their girl how to ride a motorbike. So after all of this the boys and I get to the 4-kilometer point we start unloading our bike. Helmet check, guards check, ride check so let’s start climbing on the way up the trail we start to clean the line and explain new riders what to do and don’t on the trail, For this year we had added two new berms that still need work but it’s a work in progress and its coming to be a seller for a lot of new riders.

20141005_Nandi_Pips trek_D7000_0120

Downhill Ride Nandi hills

While on top taking picture and enjoying the nature with spectacular viewpoint over looking the hill you see a few more riders on the tarmac and suddenly a few more XC riders started to show up and boy you can tell that they were suffering climbing up. After a brief chat and a good amount of (vitamin – D) sunlight we are ready for the ride down its exactly 1.5KM down the hill to the 4km point and it will blow you off your seat If you are not focused, For the first timers it’s a journey to the unknown that can be seen on there face reflected on photos that they put up after the ride. This goes on the whole morning till late afternoon.

20141207_D7000_nandi build_0026

After all the fun a few riders plan to take the 3.5km track below and to best describe the track is it’s a made rush with a few hairpin bends and to topple it up a few jumps at the end of the trail to loosen up your bones in your body.


In the end we usually head to the coconut joint to have some fresh coconut water and head to the parantha place that recently came up not the best but it does do the job of getting you back home. We relive the trail on our long journey back to the urban life and wait for the next weekend to recharge our self.


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