Once upon a time – Chandigarh Dirt Fest 2010

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Pump tracks, mountain bike parks are now increasing in India and Nepal. People and administrations have finally started understanding the importance and advantages of these skill building parks which are not for “cricket”. Although there is still a lot to learn and apply in the field which will be beneficial for the future athletes to grow their skills and any rider to progress and have fun at the same time.


But lets go back to the year 2010 when cycling friendly city Chandigarh, infact entire India witnessed its first dirt jump and BMX event on a sick little pump track that was built by riders for riders.

The aim – To expose young riders to a level that they only dreamt of.

Dirt Fest was organized on 6th and 7th Feb 2010 in which 22 riders from Chandigarh, Mohali, Bombay and Pune participated.


This concept was much appreciated by the participants, press, sponsors and general public at large.


After finalizing the location in Mohali, which used to be a dumping ground, the track layout was designed in a very limited time which required lot hard work and dedication.

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Finally ‘Once upon a time’ dumping ground was converted into a neat pump track that was designed by veteran rider / legend Jeewanjeet Singh Dhillon.

This location used to be a tarmac road long time back which later got blocked and got converted into a dumping ground. During construction we had to face hard time as while digging all the tarmac chunks and garbage had to be cleaned.


Jeewanjeet Singh Dhillon checking out the sand pit.

From shovels to earth movers to dump trucks were used to build and shape the track. Special care was taken for the volunteers and labor who dedicated their precious time to get the track built on time… while having fun at the same time.


This process also disclosed the kind of talent available in the city.



Here you see local lad Karan, probably the first Indian dude attempting a back flip on a mountain bike and BMX which was not successful.



All the riders at the venue took full advantage of this opportunity as this was the first ever dirt jump track in the city which helped them to learn a lot in just few days.


Managing Director of Firefox Bikes Mr. Shivinder Singh could not miss this scene and personally visited Chandigarh to check out the progression.


The main event was scheduled for 7th Feb 2010 and all the participants were stoked to show their skills in the first of its kind event in India.  The spectators were present in good number and increased within an hour.






Riders were judged and were given scores based on their skills, style and comfort while executing tricks.


There were more toys to play with besides mountain bikes and BMX. 

IMG_0958    SharpTune’s Dipak Panchal hypnotised everyone with his flatland techniques during the event.


…While Jeewanjeet Singh Dhillon was seen doing something unusual... usual in the pump track.


Post event leftovers. 



This event really proved helpful and an eye opener to these young boys and the local riding community overall. Everybody was happy till…

… the track was demolished by the administration few weeks later for no reason. The ground still remains silent with people throwing garbage and cigarette butts and more.


Coming to the bright side; it is really good to see more parks developing in the country few years later. Most of these on permanent and private land which are being used widely. Pedalers Village in Delhi, Zerolevel Bike Park in Kathmandu Nepal and more. We are 110% sure to see extremely skilled riders popping out with the help of these pump tracks and mountain bike parks which contribute a lot to the quality of city, skills development and personal satisfaction.

So get out… Start digging… Start Shredding and don’t let anyone stop you.


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