PK Ripper – Perry Kramer’s signature classic

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Scot Enterprises, better known as SE Bikes was founded back in 1977. They created the PK Ripper that became the most legendary BMX bike of all time. The PK Ripper is the most famous and longest-running BMX bike in the history of the sport.

This year SE has adorned each Looptail with the “PK” of the “PK Ripper” Perry Kramer’s, signature.

This bike also comes equipped with Redline Flight cranks, a Kashimax RS seat, Oakley B-1B grips, super knobby CST Caesar tires, and Skyway Tuff II Tuffwheels with gold rivet flanges. Quite simply, old school BMX doesn’t get any better than this.

Perry Karmer Trading Card and a sticker pack is an added bonus that comes with this time machine that we want!


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