Product Feature: Loose Riders Global Alliance – C/S Pants and Second Skin Gloves

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We got our hands on… and legs in some new Loose Riders gear. Our team bomber, Vinay Menon put the new LRGA C/S Pants and the Second Skin Gloves through some dirty times.

The Loose Riders Global Alliance 2018 C/S Pants are a breath of fresh air to the Freeride/Downhill apparel line up. \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye
Air out and air in! The LRGA C/S pants + Second Skin Gloves are cool on a sunny afternoon! \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye
The extremely breathable LRGA Second Skin gloves are just like the name suggests – Second Skin! \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye
Hauling the machine up all day \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye

May it be hauling your bike up the hill or pedaling around on trails, the LRGA C/S Pants keep the pistons cool. With sufficient vents and comfortable stretchable layers, the C/S Pants work well in Indian temperatures.

Pointing them wheels down the right direction! \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye

The durable fabric and stitches on the pants are strong enough for those rough spills and slams.  Sure the designers behind the wicked products at Loose Riders are well-versed with eating and hucking-off dirt, day in and day out!

The snug fit of the C/S pants as well as the Second Skin gloves keep you focused on the trail, without causing any knuckle bite or itchy butt! \\ Photo: Kimaya Morye

The Second Skin Gloves did feel great for the entire duration of the ride. The thin profile, perforated palm adds to the “no glove” feel. But in situations of a hard crash and slide, these nuggets do get a little brazed. The lack of knuckle protection was clear while getting up from a crash and roll down the hill. For folks who prefer riding without gloves for that grippier feel on the bars, these Second Skins are perfect. For riders who are used to riding in MX gloves with multiple layers of thick leather and carbon knuckle saviours, this pair may seem a little less protective!

The overall build quality, material and color options on the Second Skin gloves are neat at 1800/-INR.

LRGA C/S Pants

Outstanding fit: regular/slim.
3 waterproof pockets for car keys, lift pass, wallet, large phone
Impact resistant reinforced knee area
Pedal resistant four way stretch at the back
Laser cut patterns and mesh for improved ventilation

Best pants I ever wore – Nico Vink

Video/Edit: Bart Cautaerts

LRGA Second Skin Gloves

LRGA set out to build a glove that we mountain bikers always wanted but never found. A thin glove that stays in place, holds up to crashes, dries fast and has no frills like weird padding, or other useless features.

*Performance build  \\  Secure fit  \\  Ultra thin  \\  Quick dry

Checkout the LRGA 2018 Catalog. You can order your kit through Loose Riders India OR Loose Riders Nepal



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